CFM for first Grow

I have a 3x6x7 ft room with a slope from being under the stairs. According to calculations using the reference below I would need 362.88 CFM without a sound dampener. (less when considering the decline in ceiling height)

Would I need that much airflow? I gather that overkill is better than not enough airflow. Here’s the LED I plan to run and the HVAC I was looking at buying.

SONOFARM SF4000 LED Grow Light, Indoor Grow Lamp for Plants, Veg to Flower Bloom, Dimmable & Daisy Chain, 4x4 5x5 Grow Tent, Full Spectrum LM301B Diodes and Meanwell Driver

VIVOSUN AeroZesh S6 Inline Duct Fan and GrowHub E42A Temperature Humidity WiFi-Controller, 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Smelliness Control, 6 Inch 25 Feet Black Non-Insulated Flex Air Aluminum Ducting


I oversize always, better to have extra power than not enough. Air exchange and air flow are key and worth spending some money on. I love my AC INFINITY exhaust and it runs on DC , so the electricity usage is minimal. Its quiet too. Some units are annoyingly loud.


I would suggest AC Infinity for your exhaust.

6" should do for your space.


Your light is going to produce a massive amount of heat, so overkill on the airflow is a good thing. You can use the air scrubbers to help control the temp of the grow room.

My room is 12Lx8Wx10H and i use two 6" scrubbers. They give me about 340 cfm each.

I don’t use hvac in my room but I’m in a basement.


For that closet grow space I would recommend piping that to exhaust outside the closet and use a 4” or 6” inline duct fan booster to bring in fresh air to the closet to complete the air exchange :love_you_gesture: