Cfls for flowering one small 7in plant

And what is the pH in the soil? It should be 6.5 for soil.

Are you feeding it anything? What type of soil?


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you can use epsom as a foliar spary you don’t want to do foliar spray in flower as it stays on your final product. Use it in your nutrents. All nutrients are salts. Add some cal-mag for now to solve the lightening leaves before brown spots occur and then you can follow up in the next 2-3 weeks with the epsom salts. Cal-mag is safe and does not burn plants so it’s safe to add as long as you don’t drown your plant.


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Just make sure they are 2400K light spectrum for flower More light+bigger buds


Also, what type of water are you giving it? What is the pH and EC of the water too?

The pH in the soil is probably building up, especially if you are using hard tap water when watering the plant.

Again, if we know the pH is high because of alkali minerals in your water, then you could flush with a lower pH water to get your soil back to 6.5, maybe even add a water with some pH down in it.


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I went out and got a Nother Tester and it seemed to work just fine. It gave me a number of seven. In the beginning I was using tap water and adding fish drops to get rid of chlorine in the other. I think that was about 7.5 it’s at seven now and I switched to natural spring water. Here are some pictures of the testers I used the first one I couldn’t get a reading at all and the second one I believe hit it right on the head. Adjusted the soil with the capsule in the water I was using and came up with a seven. Now I guess the question is how I lower it or if it’s OK I checked it twice with the second Tester.

<img src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/2X/b/b0fa78e3e1e9b946e94a4a67f5e202b917bec430.jpeg" width=“500” height=“500”>

Are these some good things to buy?

These are the flowering cfls I have…What do you think…Their also 2700k
Here are some pictures…
I’m growing outside right now although when I gets cooler I’m going to have to bring them in.

You can lower it with a pH down.

Check out these links:

You can add sulfur to the soil with epsom salts, as @garrigan62 mentioned above, and this can help acidify your soil slightly and may help with some associated deficiencies. As well as some of the other sulfur additives mentioned in the links above, however I’m not fond of adding aluminum to my growing medium, and I personally would not use that one.

You can also use sulfuric acid, easily obtained at a autoparts store as a battery “refill”. This is pure sulfuric acid and has never come in contact with a lead acid battery’s lead, and so it does not contain any lead and can be mixed with purified water to make your own pH down, or you can easily buy the stuff from general hydroponics at places like amazon or even find it at many local specialty garden supply stores now-a-days.

Here is a kit with those drops and pH up and down mixes:

Check out this link as well about adjusting pH down:


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I have two of the grow lights that you see there and the other light is 150 W CFL soft white. I saw a Nother lie at Home Depot that said 250 W i’ll show a picture

See where it says it only uses 68W, that is the only number that counts.

Then you can use warm white for flowering and cool white for veg, usually warm white will be around 2500-2700K and cool white will be around 5000-6500K



I don’t think I’ve ever seen a CFL that big lol

By the way, you are using a ton of different stuff, and that is not necessarily a good thing. You could be throwing your NPK ratios all out of whack.

You need to give us information about what you are doing in a more structured fashion, this is getting all too confusing.

I’m going to have you start over and go back to basics, fill out a support ticket so we can see the everything you are doing in one place and try and make some sense of it:

What do you mean you’ve never seen a CFL that big?

How big? I never said anything about a size?


I think he was referring to the cfl that he bought at Home Depot.


@garrigan62 – Oh, the 68 watt one at the store was the CFL light they’ve never seen that big, could be, lol.


If you are trying to use things at most regular stores, “off the shelf”, then use this with your bottled water or maybe even your tap water as long as the EC/TDS isn’t too far above 0.1EC/50ppm TDS.

And you can use the formula in the link below on soil or in hydroponics:

If you are using the formula in the above hydroponic link with tap water that might be “hard water” with lots of calcium lime scale, then you do not need to add the calcium chloride. Be careful if your tap water is too high in iron, and even if the calcium and other minerals are too high, making that EC/PPM/TDS too high, then you will have problems, especially as these minerals can build up in the soil and contribute to nutrient lockouts and pH imbalances.


Unknown bag seed
Grown indoor and outdoor
Size of grow area 4 x 4 x 6 when inside
Grown in miracle grow soil
PH has mostly been seven using distilled or spring water
I have given it Mira girl grow plant food
I have no idea what the EC TDS and ppm are only what the pHs I have to run off seven
Daytime temps are from 85° to I’d say low temps would be around 69 73
Humidity levels have been pretty high like this morning it was 94% this humidity usually drops throughout the day but it’s from one extreme to the other. Could be 90% one day and then 20 to 15 another day humidity has been very high this year we’re looking at some cooler drier temperatures coming soon
I live in central Florida
I’m using CFL’s for lighting I’m very new at this sort of thing so I started out with a very very low wattage which thought to be a lot higher so I’m getting smarter and know that it’s best to order online for the right bulbs other than that I started out with 2 40 W CFL’s daylight
I got some stronger lights they’ve been all mixed up
That is one reason I decided to move it outside but I will have to move it in with the cooler temperatures coming I don’t have a grow tent and ventilation is just what they fan and fresh oxygenated air from outside and that’s it
Total growing time would be October 5 to now
It’s been in bloom for almost 2 weeks or flower…

Now I think I have a big problem and I regretfully have to say it may be bugs !!!

This is what she look like before put her to bed last night.