Cfls for flowering one small 7in plant

I got 2 26w 2700k grow lights I also have a 42w 2700k 2730 lumens which equal 150 w
Is this too much light for flowering? Is it ok to use the 2730 lumens?

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The total amount of watts would be 350
Total of 6130 lumens.

This is the plant and one week Flowering

Equivalent watts are useless and mean nothing. Actual watts are the only ones that count.


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So your telling me the two growing lights are useless cfls for flowering…It says it right there on the package?
Says it only uses 26 watts but puts out 100

It says for flowering right there on the package ?

No, I’m saying the equivalent watts number is useless.

You need about 50 watts per square foot for flowering with horticultural HID lights. You can get away with about 40-45 watts per square foot with fluorescent T5s or CFLs (mostly because you can bring them closer to the plant, because they are not as hot at the bulb, increasing the PAR at the leaf), and you can even get away with as little as 30-35 watts per square foot with a really good mostly red/blue LED light. The real actual watts only.

Also lumens numbers are also almost useless unless you are taking into account the formula they used to come up with the lumen number, so you know how many lumens are at what distance from the bulb.



Question about watts…
I use a 12 tube T5 HO light. Tubes are 54w and 5000l each.
What is the formula or method for determining Equivalent watts vs. Actual watts??

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Bud Holly

The information about the light will say. If it says watts consumed or just watts, it is probably the actual watts.

However, if it says equivalent to a “so and so watt bulb”, ignore that number and keep looking until you find the actual watts number somewhere else on the package info or maybe on the CFL or T5 bulb itself.

T5s made for growing are not as likely to use “equivalent watts”, because equivalent watts is normally used for household lights to try and describe how the fluorescent light’s brightness compares to the old fashioned incandescent bulb’s brightness, so a CFL that actually uses about 13 watts might be as bright as an old fashioned incandescent bulb that would have used 60 watts. So the 13 watt CFL has an “equivalent” brightness to a 60 watt incandescent. This CFL can be used for growing, but even though the incandescent is actually using a lot more power, it would not at all make a good growing light at all. Old fashioned incandescent lights just don’t have enough blue light in them to keep plants healthy, but fluorescent lights do.

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Will those work? For flowering?

How big a plant you want to grow?

Not a big one, just big enough to keep it Descret.i wanted to bring it in to keep warm…

I’m afraid she might not make it…sure is sexy though.

Help !!! It’s not looking good at all…I don’t want to lose her!

Looks like spider mites look real close under the leaves and look real close and look for any little bu gs. Mean time check these links out.
Here are the ingredients to a rather expensive off the shelf product that is about a quart or little more container, cost me twenty dollars, made locally with a fancy label, and mixes 50/50…Rosemary oil, peppermint oil, Cinnamon oil, Eucalyptus oil, Citronella oil, Clove oil, Water, potassium salt of fatty acids(which I have no idea what that is, unless it is another way of saying soapy solution).

Hope this helps



Thank you for responding. It did look up like it at first but it was just soil that had gotten on top of the leaves. But I’m still skeptical I did say see a couple that had a shine. Luckily the plant and leaves are so small that I can clean them off with some soap and water with my fingers. I hope anyways!
I’m really stumped what they correct pH and nutrients for I know that it needs it I just really don’t know what I’m going to do. I believe what the right pH and nutrients I can bring my leaves back to a healthy green life.
I just need some help on that. I’m running out of time . If it needs water and I cannot get the pH right for now what is something I can temporarily due to keep it healthy and not die… And looks hungry. I don’t want to overdo it though. I’ve gotten to test kit so far for pH and they both suck one was for pools so that didn’t work

and the other was a soil test that was about 10 bucks that didn’t tell me shit. I wonder is there anywhere I can go for someone to put a corrected pH in a gallon jug for me?

The leaves are very light and don’t feel strong at all. Stems great though !

I’m really worried it’s a little more than one week in flower and I only have two nodes, four leaves, and the color on the bottom leaves don’t look good, and I do not want to lose any leaves if you know what I mean.
If it is pH fine i’m getting something for it I just don’t want to overwater it which is been pretty wet for a few days now since the last test didn’t work out because I had the wrong test kit… I’m working on that but my question is could it be something else? I want green strong leaves!
I don’t want to lose her even if she is a midget.

There is a difference in the two leaves

What was this test, and why did it not work or tell you anything?

If your pH in the soil is off, we can help you adjust it, but we need to know if we need to bring the pH up or if we need to bring the pH down.

Have you downloaded and read the free grow bible?

Did I already give you these links and did you check them out on soil pH and nutrient TDS?

Robert’s you-tube on testing soil:

And Robert’s ILGM blog/guide article on testing soil:

Either way, check them out, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Happy growing,


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Thank youI I’l try and send a picture of it. Here’s the most recent pics…