CFL Success Story


Well here we are at the end of week 4 of veg for 7 strains. Lemon skunk auto, cheese auto, fem ak47, critical mass fem, Obi Wan Kush gem, Power Africa fem, and Sour Diesel fem.
The growth is unbelievable, I have never seen plants grow this fast and healthy. I have several cfls hanging with many wattage variations and color temps, and still adding as i need them, overall I have 17 lights on 7 plants and one is a led shoplight and another t 8, but most credit goes to the cfls.
Using all of the information i have gathered from here and other growers, my first indoor attempt has been a success, and being able to grow my own medicine this good, puts a smile on my face.
My nutrient schedule is unique compared to others ive seen but my plants dig it. For veg i use a light super tea mix made up of jobes all purpose granular organic, and kelp with small amounts of fox farm big bloom for my autos since they are budding.
For flower, i have one older plant in flower not mentioned above, but she loves fox farm and jobes tomatoe granular 4 4 4 and moderate fox farm, and always 6.0 ph water. The older plant has been through hell but i have fixed her and for a 12 inch plant i may get an oz out of her…shes bag seed but looks like a sativa dominant skunk variety.
So from seed to week 4 when i took these photos you can see that a lil bit of tlc goes a long way. Listen to the plants and they will respond with healthy growth.
Always monitor ph, give smaller amounts of nutes and watch how they respond before dousing them in high doses fertilizer.


Once you’re able to get some real lighting HPS or LED you’ll be able to kill it with your yields , very nice and good advice about people over feeding…



Looking good so far bro! But flowering is where the lighting really becomes important. You can get some decent bud from CFL, but don’t think your rewriting the way of cannabis. It is what it is, and you get what you give. You need more light for flower. Good luck!


Good work!


Thanks, butbI do have plenty more lights and I am adding them as I need them. Please dont go off the one bud picture because that a totally different plant and in a box away from the others, but actually, I have never seen plants thrive like this before, but I am just going on what I have seen. You wont be able to see all of my setup in this picture, but there are more lights you cannot see and a fan. I have plenty light for now, and when I switch to flower i am going to add several 125 watt 2700 k bulbs and some straight red LED lights as well. I just wish people would look at the quality i have achieved with minimal cash versus having a expensive LED or HPS get up, I bet most first indoor grow dont look like this…lol…just sayin ive researched and have a journal in progress.
Every single seed germed, came back. The cheese was “born” either diseased or deficient because as soon as she sprouted she was crinkled and yellowing and that was just oit of the seed. Same soil mixture as the others and everything, just wasnt healthy. Since it looked like magnesium deficient, i started it on ferts before the others and finally she started showing me nice new growth. She is an auto, so that stressed her and costed her precious time, but still she was producing pistols at week 3 and now shes strong and beautiful with 8 vertical growth nodes and side branches as tall as the top. The skunk and Obi Wan are the largest getring close to 2 feet id say and today is week 5.
Listen ya’ll I am a first timer as far as indoor and its been since I was a kid since i harvested a plant. I grow for myself and i love it. I will eventually upgrade all of my stuff, but for now this is working excellent. I feel many of you take this way too seriously and thats cool, but keeping it simple and fun while learning from people like Robert and many others as I go, keep me and my plants happy. They let me know when they need shit, and I deliver. Ill keep sharing the progress and the final haul, thank you to the folks that are not that critical and understand what I have going on. Not that I dont appreciate advice, I do, but I understand about lighting and yields, but Im not tryin to kill the game with my first grow…haha I am just happy they are healthy.
Goimg to make a post about what I need to do to them before switching to 12/12 could use some advice, or just comment here. Should i super crop, lollipop, top, scrog? I have about 6 1\2 feet vert space and about 9 wide. Was thinking of scrogging and lightly trimming, not that much though.Figured it would be good to support the colas when they start getting size.


You did say you were a first timer somewhere in there right? And just out of my personal experience I would pop that ego before a sick plant does it for you… And most certainly way ahead of yourself calling this a success story… This is the hard part coming up… But I think you will find out soon enough… Way to much work left to trip over your tongue…


Great job dude, for real. I for one think you have outdone yourself here! I’ve seen other CFL successful grows, and I’m always a little jealous lol!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this forum, it’s to not let people bring you down. Really I learned that in life already. Good vibes will ALWAYS shine through!

I too grow for personal use, and I know exactly how you feel about your girls. I started with CFLs and T5s, but my girls didn’t look nearly as nice as yours do! My advice, just keep doing you dude! You’re killing it if you ask me lol. Sure, you could have “better” possibly, if using different lights, but who cares other than you? It’s your buds, grow em how you like. Good vibes guys :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:️


No ego buddy just good vibes. What i will say is I have what I need, dont be a troll . This is exactly what I am talking about, and in no way did I attack you but now its confirmed, you are the epidemy of the over compensating type.
First time indoor for myself, but another thing I find amazing is your insight into something you are not even fully aware of. i have grown up around this shit, and I have earned my stripes, and learn everyday so the last time I checked the forum is called “ILGM” not I love being an asshole. Go figure huh? Thats awesome YOU have an awesome expensive setup bro! I have what I need for now, oh and I can handle a sick plant if i need to, If not then its a learning experience but for now I have no sick plants and I take very good care of them. Also the fact that you dont think someone can research enough to grow pot indoors successfully is naive on your part and tells me you probably struggled with your shit, most likely a slow learner and you are just another troll with all the good ideas. Sorry i did not beg for your approval bro, cause I dont need it. Peace, dont need this type of shit in my life, the real folks in here know what Im sayin, and they know how to express it.


Hey thanks man, thays all I was doing was just being a testament to a cheaper grow. Plus I wasnt clear on my future palns with these plants but I donhabe way more lights but no use for them until I see spots not getting any light.
I try and keep my cool when people just want to troll on my shit, but ya know this world is full of it. If I wanted to drop way more money to maximize my yield I would, but they are doing just fime and the size they are now I will have a couple oz’s per plant to “SMOKE” not like I am selling it ro a dispensery or anything like that. Why does it have to be about maximum yields and spending tour saving to grow a decent amount of killer? It dont, my whole point, ya know?


No sir the asshole is located between your nose and chin… I didn’t come at you personally bro… I said out of my experience… And as for “trolling” your on a public forum…maybe not begging for attention but def looking for recognition just like the rest of us… You need to smoke a bowl and calm the hell down…


Cool bro, wasn’t trying to step on toes. As I said best of luck. I won’t offer advise on any future posts you make, since you have it all figured out. I didn’t know it was a showcase of your success, rather than a journey of the grow.


Hey bro i just wanted to give an update and all is well! Had a problem when i went on vacation a gew weeks back but its taken care of. Wow growing 6 diff strains is a learning experience.
I have 2 galaxy hydro 300 watt lights with my cfl setup, and they work great and offer them the best spectrum yet. Should be harvesting my lemon skunk, AK 47, and cheese within the next week, should be looking at a couple ozs for each but i will post the end result, but overall my first serious indoor grow has been a success.
Obi Wan Kush is one of the most unique smelling strains ive encountered, sweet fruity bubble gum, and shes huge. I had no choice but to super crop her 3 times during flower so i could keep my canopy even and she responded very well surprisingly, as cropping is not a good idea during this time. After 3 days she had a knot and it supercharged her growth and all of the colas look nice. She is a longer flowering strain just like my power africa, critical mass and sour diesel, but she is the largest plant I have. Love it


Could not have said it better myself @ktreez420 !!! Dude @ktreez420 your the kind of people I like putting myself around ! no matter how old you get you have too always remember take care of you first and the rest will fall into place


First let me say well done so far! The grow looks fantastic. I too started with cfl’s while waiting on my light setup of choice. I think they look fantastic and short of any issues you will be happy. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.


For sure, i always enjoy reading positive feedback from fellow growers who love doing it and learning a long the way.
Honestly, I have not given enough credit to the forum and other great growers in the elsewheres of life, because I was usually the silent person reading each and every post in every forum just taking it all in. I was prepared because of you guys. I damn sure learned alot and made a few mistakes but hey, we work with a resilient, awesome specimen that is forgiving, and will show love in return with patience. Came a long way since growing bush weed in the woods. I may have a few pics from a couple weeks ago but no fresh ones…ill post em below!


This one is AK auto, she’ll be ready in a few days. Wait til I show yall the lemon skunk!


this is my super skunk Felt like yesterday when I thought I killed them over a week ago I took this same 2


Bud porn, you dirty ole hog. Looks great boss :four_leaf_clover::sunglasses:


Hey bub i upgraded a few weeks back to 2 galaxy hydro 300 w and cfl…big difference. I harvested and AK and a Lemon Skunk.


Here are some still cooking a few weeks. The taller one that was super cropped is an Obi Wan DNA certified. The other two nice colas are crtical mass and power africa…the little bushy firl is a sour diesel. And the thin stemmed skinny plant is a cheese that was born deficient and i saved her so her fan leaves are still spotty from day one but shes almost ready…and to beat hell she never formed a big cola…instead she produced several hard packed round nuggets…not really small nugs either. What i find amazing about the cheese even thougj she had a hard life is, all of her buds are almost exactly the same size and shape. Ill post when shes done. But i wanted to post the latest on this grow.