CFL or LED at germination stage

Hello All, my first grow. 3x3x 6 ft tall Indoor tent, with SF1000 LED, exhaust fan, humidifier, 4-gallon fabric bags, and oscillating fan. Just placed 4 seeds (feminized super skunk and gold leaf) in glasses of water.

I see many growers start with CFL and then go to LED or other. Can i just use my LED from start to finish, or is there a large benefit to use CFL with initial sprout, then go to LED after a few weeks? Your thoughts and advice are appreciated.


Hi you can use ur led light you want set to 40-50% and have the light about two feet off the seedlings this is what i do and i have no problems with it. And welcome to the community aswell i hope you have a good growing experience just one thing to remember use the k.i.s.s method


Thanks Aussie…appreciate it. Will try 40 to 50% and the 2 ft separation. Looking forward to fun, disappointment (maybe), learning, and harvesting the “buds of my labor”


Welcome to the community use the led but

100 watt led is not enough to flower 4 plants you will need about 300 watts minimum and 4 plants in a 3x3 is going to be a handful this is my 3x3 with 3


Youll be upgrading that very soon i promise.


Welcome to the community :green_heart::metal:


Truth next thi g u know u have 2 1200 dollaar lights and everything under the sun and wondering where all your money went lmao




At least it didn’t go to the dispo :metal::green_heart::cowboy_hat_face::sunglasses:


Hi and welcome to the community!


Thank you all for responding. I will only have 3 plants growing this time to get my feet wet (germinating 4 seeds in case one doesn’t make it). But if I need to go with higher wattage lighting, I will get to that next grow cycle. Looking forward to more communication and posting pics as my “daughters” start growing up. THANKS AGAIN

Welcome & good luck with your grow!

Glad you are here! Everyone starts with their first grow. The growmies in this forum have your back and will support you.

It is trial an error and then you hit your groove when you find what grow style works for you and your pocket book.

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Those look great Dirtydave, thanks for replying. So here is a picture after a week or so: and i am concerned about the spindly-ness and lack of more leaves.

Been keeping temp about 70 to 75 degrees, humidity around 50%, light (SF1000 LED) at 50% and started about 26" above soil bags. Spray bottle water to keep soil moist. Saw the spindly-ness so lowered light intensity to 40%. Still concerned so lowered light to about 20" above plants.

Any thoughts?

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If your seedlings are stretching you don’t want to lower the light intensity just the opposite they want more light

Ok, thanks…after i posted I lowered the light height so it is now 12" above plants, and i just put the intensity on 100%. will see the next or so how they respond… Thanks much. I also ordered today a 400 watt light for my 3x3 tent. Going forward i can always dim it down if needed…but i cant dim up a 100 watt to 300 or 400!!

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Hello All, Your wisdom is very much appreciated. So if i can provide an update, i would like to better understand your thoughts on light intensity and height.

I’m at Day 12 since my seedlings broke the soil surface.
3x3 grow tent
using FF soil
18 hours on and 6 hours off
Have 2 Gold Leaf and 2 Super Skunk, each in 4 gal bags
I spray water on the soil 2x per day
I run a humidifier to keep humidity around 45 to 50%. Southern CA dry
Temperature is about 8o to 82 degrees
I have an oscillating fan for circulation, and an exhaust fan
I installed a SF4000 2 days ago (i had a SF1000 but it was not powerful enough)
Using the photone app, with my light set about 14" above seedlings, and intensity about 45%, i get around 50 DLI, and about 600 ppfd
Because my seedlings were spindly, i added/mounded soil around the bases as needed
As you can see, still a little spindly (back seedling more spindly than front) and i think a little behind in the growth curve (only 2 or 3 lobes after 12 days)…but if i lower the light, temps go up. If i lower intensity, i assumed the plants would stretch more

Do i find a way to lower the tent temperature so i can lower the light?
Do I increase intensity and still find a way to lower temperature?
Do i keep as is?

Please provide some thoughts so i can rest better and grow better… THANKS