CFL lights instead of HPS for flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

I want to grow in a tent that’s big enough for 2 600 watt HPS lights but would like to switch to CFL for flowering. I feel this is safer due to the fact that you don’t need the ballast and the lamps don’t get as hot.

It is safe to assume that CFL has less penetration though. If I hang up 6 x 200 watt CFL’s instead of 2 x 600 watt HPS will I have the same dense buds and yield?

Well. that is a 4’ x 8’ space. In order to create enough light penetration using CFL’s; You would need several “side lights”. In fact; Even when using a 1000 watt HPS overhead; I always advise running side lights. ( I use 250-400 watt), You double your yield, because all the under canopy grows out plush and plump, as well. Peace :smiley:

An update:

I am thinking of scrogging to safe on light costs, will this eliminate the need for side lights?

Of course it will. If you are using SCROG techniques, all the canopy is tied down! Great technique for small grow spaces. Be aware that it takes dildence to properly succeed using this method. Cannot wait to see the results :smiley:

Am I being punked??? LOL