Cfl lights, distilled water

A question from a fellow grower:

I read the book you sent me but I was wondering about using natural day light cfl bulbs 24watts each and watering the plant with distilled water I brought (just don’t trust tap water) is a good too use??

Ue “daylight” bulbs for vegation (500K) and soft/warm bulbs for flower (2400K) Let your tap water set out for 24hr’s and then use (you will be making De-natured water - useing this method will make it easier - don’t have to purchase distilled water

Distilled water is almost always better than tap water, but it depends on what is in your tap water.

Letting it sit out to try and evaporate the chlorine might not be enough, also many municipal water sources use a chlorine that is more stable and doesn’t evaporate that easily. And again it depends on what is in your tap water, your local water report could help. In general, with most tap water, if the EC is lower than 0.3 which is 150 ppm in the standard NaCl conversion, it would probably be ok, especially in soil. If the EC is lower than 0.1, which is a ppm of 50, then you will probably be good for soil or even hydro.

CFL lights might be good, but you might need much more than 24 watts, you need about at least 40 watts per square foot with T5 fluorescent lights or CFLs.

5000K-6500K colored light might be good for the entire grow, and you can use redder light, the 2500K-ish colored light for flower, but this distinction is actually over rated and really makes little difference, after all the color of sunlight is about 5500K-6500K all year long.