CFL light recommendations


How many 100 w cfl bulbs should be in a 2x4x6 closet and what spectrum? Veg and flower??


Veg 5000 kelvin, flower 2700 Kelvin how many for that area roughly 10-12, just my opinion, so remember you need 50 watts per sq ft


Is it good to mix a couple 2700k in during veg? Or strictly 5000k? And vice versa for flower?


My opinion it wouldn’t matter to mix a couple in maybe one for every 4 lights of the 5000 kelvin


Awesome I now have 8 5000k and 2 2700k.


Good start


How many should I have during flower?


Same amount but all switched to 2700 kelvin


Ok, still have 2 of the 5000k or all 2700


All 2700 it will be more helpful


Ok thanks for the info. Just tryin to make it clear for fellow growers!!


Yes no problems my friend I understand


Thinking on making new forum on my grow. How do I take info from other forum and create new one? Without copy and paste


Like a new thread?


Yea, not real technology smart lol


Click our ilgm logo, than click create new topic


Would 6500k bulbs be better for veg? Seen some of those in local lumber yard no was curious


Yes 6500k is better in veg 2700k in flower


6500 better that 5000?


Hope this helps
Edit oops wrong one 5000 I think is warm white while 6500k is cool daylight or vise versa but both can be used for veg