CFL first time indoor grow , low budget

Hi, I’ve had great grows in south Africa with outdoor but its winter now so looking for cheap indoor options.
Any advice on lighting , can I use cfl from seed till harvest? Watts? Looking to grow about 4 trees in a room 3metre x 3metre.

How many bulbs and wat type? How far away from the trees should it be ?
Will be growing organic.
Any help will be great , if there is anyone that wants to chat via twitter ,instagram or what’s app let me know I’ll drop my details .
First indoor grow , looking to make some profit and go more technical and bigger

You would be better served to ask your questions over at rollitup, where there is an entire subforum dedicated to CFL growing, with several experienced contributors.
Forums → The Grow Room → Indoor Growing → CFL/Flourescent Lighting
You will probably find all of your answers by just reading a few of the threads there.

Thanks man …will go have a look

For a cheap fix, T5 bulbs work. There are several light fixtures that use T5 bulbs that aren’t necessarily grow lights and as a result you can find them on auction sites or other sites which sell used stuff for less than you can buy “Grow Lights” from Amazon for example. T5s will flower ok @54 watts per bulb.
Normally I use them for veg of mothers etc, but I have flowered under an 8 bulb T5 unit from HydroPlanet and did ok.

Thanks alot man I’m thinking of something like I this pics
Use two for veg(blue )
And then add two for flower (red)

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But then I will only grow 2 plants I think

Because it has to be so close to the trees I dont think I can cover more than two trees