Centrifuge for taste?

I’ve been looking, no definite answer.

I made a tincture using 95% ethanol in a MBM. Works GREAT!
After making, I strained in their 190? screen bag, refiltered in a coffee filter.

The problem. Tastes. Like. Crap.
Under the tongue? Burns like acid.
Drops straight? Well, mixed with coke (a-cola :sunglasses:) tastes like crap.

Heated the mixture the burn off the alcohol, didn’t help.

Tastes like the burned weed. Nasty.

So. Can a centrifuge be used to spin out more of the solids and therefore more of the burned weed taste? Get rid of the solids, chlorophyll, etc.

Orrrrr, any other ideas for taste.

I’m guessing anything will have the same taste. Oils, butter, tincture.

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@AnneBonny can help she knows her stuff

Thanks for the tag @Nug-bug. I’m not much help on this. I had the same issue when I made it in the MBM. Not burned tasting just nasty tasting. I didn’t have the guts to try to heat off some of the alcohol and I couldn’t waste it so just muddled through doing a shot as a dose. Never knew for sure if I was high or drunk :dizzy_face:. I would suggest mixing it with something strong tasting. I think kool aid was suggested. Sorry I could t offer a solution @MrMedic

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Thanks. I was hoping someone had tried it to at least give me an idea if it’s even possible. Not sure if some/ant THC would go out with the solids.

And yes, nasty. Just…:face_vomiting:. We do shots too. Gotta be a way…

Just put extract drops in it.

Tried the extracts. It tasted like… burnt orange tree. Not any better. :frowning:


Don’t drink 190 proof alcohol! That stuff will really burn your throat. Dilute it at least down to 40% alcohol.

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Hey @MrMedic I think @Ragnar makes tinctures and may have some insight for you.

Yeah, I use alcohol to extract the oils and alkaloids, most of the time I evapore it slowly ( days ) and then use glycerin or agave nectar or honey to pick up the concentrate and keep it liquid…
We drink it as a sweetener in pretty much everything…taste like " Divine nectar"…those were actual words of one friend tasting it on spoon…
It took me a few months of tries a errors , but I have line of tinctures now in top quality…
Very happy with it !!!

Its a journey…good luck