Central Valley California outdoor needs help

Hi I just wanted to ask if these seeds look normal in size and in color these seeds are feminized. I germinated 8 seeds but I am having problems with them. 5 of them grew but I feel they are growing to slow and they have yellow spots and the tips are getting dry.

the other 3 have not grown, one sprouted and got dry the second one sprouted but has grown the last one has been germinated for 4 days and hasn’t opened the shell and looks moldy.

This is the last one

Looks like the soil might be too wet… :+1::wink:

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Don’t overwater.
Put lots of drainage holes in the cups
Don’t spray the leaves. Spray the dome and or soil.
Keep them warm. At least 70f.


They look to wet because I had just watered them thank you for responding.

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Even after just watering, they still do look too wet and that will slow the root growth and overall plant growth due to the roots not getting oxygen. For tiny seedlings like that you only need a little water around the base of the seedlings and add small amounts often instead of a large amount in less doses and make sure you have holes cut into the bottles that you’re using as planters. And as for the yellow spotting, it looks like maybe it’s a nutrient burn? If you’re feeding them any nutes, cut it back or stop until they are larger and more established plants. Hope this helps!


little trick, seedlings require very little water. Heres what works for me. Get a syringe that holds about a half ounce of water. When the seedling looks dry, slowly squeeze a ring of water around the seedling about an inch away. Try to water just enough so that the soil around the stem stays dry.
As the plant grows move the ring of water further out still watering enough that the soil around the stem stays dry. This will encourage the seedlings roots to expand and prevent damping off.

I have been using a soil called happy frog.image

Thanks for the trick and for everyone’s help

What does it say that the soil contains underneath where it says potting soil? It’s the only part I can’t read when it blurs from zooming in

I use happy frog occasionally. If you’re using it to germinate seeds I’d amend it with more perlite. Hf can pack down and become dense. Ie, retain too much moisture.

I use an organic seed starting mix specifically made for germinating. It’s light, drains well, and doesn’t contain much for nutrients.