Central VA purple Haze - first grow

Yeah, that’s not what this looks like. Thanks.

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yeah, it actually has a texture to it. It looks grainy but it’s actually kinda slick or silky if you rub it between your fingers. The other half bought a plant through a catalog a couple of years ago and we played hell getting rid of it inside.
It’ll still rear it’s ugly head in a couple of plants if they stay too wet too long.
But that’s her plants - they’re pretty, but the fun ends there! LOL!

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I agree. I’m going to have to give up the “umbrella” and just go with the flow. We seem to be covered with a ‘no rain’ dome right now anyway.

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Agreed! This is more like typical Virginia summer - DRY. But somehow, still humid as hell! LOL!
Luckily we’ve had a break in humidity this week but we know it’s coming back soon enough! LOL!

This lady has the white spots you’re concerned with. It’s washed out in the sunlight on the leaves, but if you look down at the deck you can see where it’s dripped off the plants and onto the deck.
She hasn’t been given anything other that Ph’d water, CalMag on non-feeding days, and Fox Farm “duo”. Will be trio when we get to flower. LOL!
Again, I just inspect closely a couple times a day and pull off anything that looks like a plant eater. Leaf suckers are impossible to get rid of and honestly, I don’t see any damage, so I’d rather not introduce anything to the plant I don’t HAVE to. If it comes to it I’ll try Safers first.

The rest of the clan!

Natures Miracle Cure!

You’re doing great! Just keep on keeping on!

Have a GREAT DAY! and Happy Growing Everyone!


Thanks. Just received my order of Cal-Mag, so I’ll apply that asap and see what happens next. Lol

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The cal-mag seems to have done wonders for the girls. Areas where damaged leaves fell off are growing new leaves. The growth in height of the plants seems to be slowing down but they’re bushing out more and the stalks are getting thicker, too.

I’ve seen more signs of deer around the house. They’re worse this year than any other year so far. I’ve got the deck growing area set up so the plants are blocked by the wrought iron table and chairs. Hope that’s enough.

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Glad to hear it!
They might slow down in vertical growth a little bit, and the thicker stems and more branches are exactly what you want. They need the girth to support the weight of the buds.
When flowering starts and the buds begin to fill out the plant will go into the stretch. Some strains can grow as much as 2 additional feet in this period!!

CalMag is great!! Some people hate it, but it’s working for me!
Ive been using it on my tomatoes too! Just about every year I have problems with blossom end rot and the CalMag has eliminated the issues there and my fruit is filling out nicely!
I should be pulling tomatoes in the next week or so.
I generally grow Cherokee Purple - which apparently is a heavy consumer of calcium and those are behind the San Marazano’s I’m growing but all the plants look great!

Happy Growing Everyone!!

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@AEAgain Hey homie! When your plants start to transition to flower it will look like this:

Lil white pistol hair lookin things will start growing and not stop

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@AEAgain They will turn into something like this:

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@AEAgain Just watch your leaves…they’re gonna be the first indication that “something” inside your plant has changed….they might look skinnier droopy…anything really…but the pistols will be the for sure sign unless you’re controlling the light like an inside grow

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