Central Texas outdoor grows

I live in the Texas hill country, and need outdoor seed choices. I tend to like sativa and I’m patient.

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Looks like ya need to go shopping then :grin: the fun begins I can’t wait to purchase seeds from here. Imma go big with big yields and outdoor growing. Can’t wait to try some gold leaf and Bruce banner. Would love to do autos outside also but dunno if I have that kind of time to give just yet. Hope your choice suits your likes :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t2: Good luck

Gold Leaf excellent choice for indoor grow or outside.

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Bruce Banner will love the outdoors! Took no time to climb up to 60 inches in my tent


@BigCat420 That sounds fun! I don’t have a tent I’m in the ground and sunshine out in the country! This site is teaching me how to grow trees :rofl::rofl: come to my journal in the outdoor section to see the crazy progress…”Kansas First Time Outdoor” all are welcome


I envy you. I have a medical license for my chronic back pain and ADHD but I live in the middle of town with no privacy at all in my backyard or front yard and there is a lot of shit head kids around my part that wouldn’t mind taking a whole plant even if they didn’t know what to do with it. I keep begging my mom to let me grow at her house but she’s like buuuuttttt my goats lol. Im sure the goats would get to it faster than those shit head kid so for now just 6 footers in my basement so I’m very limited on height but one day I wanna grow some trees

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Unfortunately it’s not legal here yet every state around us can do wtf they want. So the wife and I bought an RV sold out house got some land and now have different priorities :rofl::rofl::rofl:…find what works for you and jus make it happen capn. We prefer to grow our meds also and this was our (seemingly) easiest way to do it where we are. Hope everything works out for ya and good luck with your growin



Hey there…I also live in TX. San Antonio. Did you order from these guys and did you have any issues receiving the product? TIA

Sorry for being so late,bought all my seeds from Robert. All seeds so far have germinated

All good. No, I’m asking because the website says they don’t ship to states where it’s not legal. I’m asking if you encountered any issues getting them delivered because your in TX as well. I’m wanting to order but just nervous they won’t arrive and then it becomes an ordeal trying to get my money back. Just trying to avoid any future stress.

I’m pretty sure that ILGM ships to all US states.

Had all the same issues but the folks at I❤️GM took care of me and I will do business with them in the future

I had no problems receiving seeds in central Texas. Quite promply!

Nice. Thank you for sharing