Cdm bulbs on normal 250,400,600and 600 boost balast

@dbrn32 hi there i was in my grow shop yesterday and he was banging on about yeilds from cdm bulbs so after a little research these adapters that allow you to hook up a cdm bulb to a normal hps ballast but im no wiz and the math looks dangerous so can you give me a little of your wizz kid opinion, thanks buddy

Links not allowed other than pretty much Amazon. But is this what you were referring to?

yes thats what i was talking about sorry for mistake @dbrn32

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I don’t think that makes it run off of hps ballast. That is just a different base that the bulb screws into. Would allow you to run a ceramic metal halide bulb in a hood that was originally desired to hold hps bulb.

oh i see, its a shame because i heard some good results from those bulbs

They are higher efficacy than hps and more natural appearing. Some people like them a lot.

are you one of the some ? @dbrn32

No, I grow with leds.


i though you used hlg?

Everything hlg sells is led, and I do have a fixture that uses products from them. But that isn’t fixture I’m currently using.