CCO vs Terpene sauce

I get confused with all the different kinds of concentrates.

I used to get CCO - concentrated cannabis oil - from the closest dispensary to make my hard candy and honey but recently they either don’t have it or when they do it’s sativa dominant and I need indica. I can still make my honey with flower, but I can’t make the candy and that’s one of my favorite ways to consume. One of the other dispensaries further away has something they call terpene sauce. The description is:
TCS CO2 Terpene Sauce
Terpene Sauce is a syrup like concentrate. it is our Co2 Honey Oil with a small amount of all natural cannabis derived terpenes introduced.

They sound very similar, so what’s the difference or is there one? I don’t want to drop $50/gram to make what I need if it’s not the same.

Thanks friends ~AB

@Donaldj @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 and anyone else who knows about concentrates.

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In my experience, the “sauce” is usually overpriced, but kinda worth it. It’s processed from a live, just harvested plant, so as much of the terpenes as possible remain.
“Concentrated cannabis oil” covers a pretty broad spectrum of products. A lot of the price variance you see is due to, at least in part, ease of consumption. If you’re doing dabs, you don’t necessarily want a crumbly honeycomb. But if it’s getting melted down into a candy recipe (not sure how all that works), you’d do best to look for what is cheap, but still contains the thc, cbd, or whatever else you’re looking for. Hope that helps.

Edit: another thing that causes the price to vary is residual solvents from processing…less or zero costs more.

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Thanks @elheffe702. The CCO I used to get was really thick, almost like a paste and was sometimes hard to get out of the syringe. The terpene sauce looks thinner in the photo they posted. It mentions it’s a Co2 honey oil so I am assuming the thicker one is processed differently. I may just have to suck it up, try it and see how it works but thought I would pick the brains of you all first.

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Intrigued @AnneBonny and watching
Sorry but I dont know much about this topic
Ill be paying attention tho :+1:

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Where are you shopping? I’ll look at their menu and let you know what’s what.

Really? That’s so nice. If you google RI Dispensaries choose Summit Medical Compassion Center and Thomas S Slater Compassion Center. Thanks @elheffe702

Well, you put it another way, it’s all roughly the same stuff, just extracted through different processes, using different parts of the plant (trim, buds, dry sift, etc) prepared different ways, using different solvents or co2, and then finished differently with heat or a vacuum to remove the residual solvent…shatter, budder, wax, crumble, oil, etc…it’s all from the flower, just different consistencies, flavors, and strengths. If you’re looking for the least “weed” flavor, I’d look for distillate or syringes, but your best bet is to go buy a half gram of a few different things to try for yourself. I bet that sauce would make REALLY good candy!

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Yes, that’s what I thought too @elheffe702 Different extraction methods, different end product. It just seems like people interchange the names of what’s what that it gets confusing. I was pretty sure I was going for the Terpene Sauce and needed that 2nd opinion, so thanks for that. I think I’ll be making candy this week end - woo hoo!

Looking now, but looks like slim pickens…

I guess I’m spoiled. Anyway, try the sauce, and at least one other you’re curious about. There are definite differences in the tastes when smoked/dabbed, I imagine the same would be true for making edibles. And let us know how it goes, I’m curious. I’ve never thought of using concentrates for edibles, but it seems so obvious now.

The selection has been dwindling like I said. I need to learn a safe way to make my own. Anyway…I will let you know how it turns out. I’m not a good smoker so edibles were what I started with right off. I get bored with the same things so wanted options and was’t growing yet. Concentrates were just easier to work with. Thanks again.

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Oooh, I bet their rosin is nice. Looks nice.

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You’re very welcome.