CBN's ?,, Besides THC and CBDs, why do some seed banks say to just ignore them?

I contacted the seed bank where I had gotten my seeds and the posted the percentages of THC, CBNs and CBDs on the plants genetics, But when I asked them about the ratio of the CBN’s they advertised ( there was a discrepancy in their post of the percentages 4.0% and 0.40% ) they told me “Don’t worry about it , It doesn’t make any difference”…From what I’ve researched CBNs have a antipsychotic action stops the onset of getting paranoid ( feeling like you’re dying , freaking out…lol ) …So I’m asking those of you with more experience and knowledge on this subject if there is any truth to CBN’s not being useful…thanks …Peace

Cannabinol or (CBN) is an oxidative degradation product of THC. It may result from improper storage or curing and extensive processing, such as when making concentrates. It is usually formed when THC is exposed to UV light and oxygen over time.

CBN has some psychoactive properties, about 10% of the strength of THC.
CBN is thought by researchers to enhance the dizziness and disorientation users of cannabis may experience.
It may cause feelings of grogginess and has been shown to reduce heart rate.
Cannabichromene or (CBC) is a rare, non-psychoactive cannabinoid, usually found at low levels (<1%) when present… Hope that helps.


I suspect a lot of the seed banks don’t actually know what these cannabinoid profiles actually are in their plants. THC testing has been around a very long time and this might be well known for the strain. And I’m sure the testing is expensive and in general tests for other things than THC are kind of new. As time goes by and this information becomes more mainstream – I think you will see more seed banks keep better records on this type of information.

Also, as CBN is a oxidation and degradation of THC, the actual percent found in the strain would be highly variable depending on how it was grown, cured and stored, and also how old or long it has been stored. And so an accurate number on this specific cannabinoid would be very hard to list, and your results may vary, lol.