CBDutch Treat High CBD First Grow Day 14

End of week 2 Day 14
CBDutch Treat Aeroponics
20/4 Light Schedule
RMH: 35 %
Reservoir temp :15c
3 fans going with two carbon filters
Pump running 10 seconds on 25 mins off
Have rapid root in my reservoir atm managing ph levels
using 6 100w CFL bulbs

finally got a good light set up figured out

The root systems are growing amazingly there getting long and lots of them on each plant and the leaves are growing bigger but i think there might be an issue with them they are looking burnt or anything like that they might be wilting not sure can someone please let k=me know what thety think … is it time to start the nutes ? Switch out my reservoir fresh phd water and nutes for vege time? The leaves dont look as strong as i think they should .
The colteydons look like there dying off and may be turning a little yellow?

feed back please… photos were takin yesterday they have grown a little since

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Looks good!! Just an fyi, if u look on ur lights, i beleive they are actually 23watts. They are 100watt replacements, but 23watt actual. Also u can place the lights much closer to avoid stretch, about 4 inches. If they r actual 100watts each, maybe try 6 inches. Good luck


ahhh-man… I’m looking for a good CBD strain to grow. I wish ILGM had some low-thc varieties.

So today marks 6 weeks things slowed down for a bit there bouncing back real quick. trimmed some fan leaves off and just took off the bottom branches and two days after i did that they are doing fantastic now very pleased
Ph and ppm has stayed normal no issues at all a little over nutes but it is clearing up great.

So question I am doing aeroponics and on week 6 … I have read that once they are put to 12/12 they will double in size and potentially triple is this true should i be flipping to flower now any suggestions it is an indoor grow only have so much space??