CBD vape liquid

Just picked this juice up, I put it in my e-cig tank, it’s a high flow tank, it tastes like tobacco? Is that what CBD vape liquid is supposed to taste like?

Honestly I feel like it’s fake because I bought it from a store off a Native reservation, it tastes like regular non menthol cigarettes…

I don’t mind the taste I just don’t know what CBD vape liquid should smell or taste like.

Until you do your own are a legitimate resource , you won’t know but yeah it don’t have those characteristics obviously .

I googled the brand. Organabus CBD vape liquid. It came up with a legit website and the same lines of juices. Royal, gold, silver, bronze lines. Royal being most potent. I have silver.

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i have been using cannOil gold nothing like regular e juice,and seems to work very well.

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Well this is my first time ever trying it, it’s the male plant and I never smoke it before. Tastes like tobacco lol or my grandpas old corn cob pipe