CBD & THCA for a Dying Dog

My pooch was just given 6 months to live from a veterinary specialist.

She has a benign odontogenic tumor. Our regular vet has tried to completely excise it through 4 different surgeries, but each time it grew back bigger than ever. The specialist, we were hoping, would be able to perform a more invasive surgery, possibly removing part of her jaw.

The specialist said it’s one of the biggest he’s seen and he wouldn’t operate because the severe complications involved would drastically reduce her quality of life. He gave her 6 months, tops. She is in pain, but it’s being managed with Metacam, a prescription NSAID that doesn’t dope her up. The tumor is pushing against her nose, sinuses, across her palate, and one eye; she will end up being euthanized because the tumor will start suffocating her, starving her, or bursting. Not the way I want my favorite girl leaving this world.

I asked the specialist about using cannabis and he kinda…well, he’s a visiting doctor from Montana…looked annoyed and said there’s no medical basis to use it, but it won’t kill her, so use it if I want. Very disappointed in all his responses, really.

I have an appointment with our regular vet in a week. I will definitely ask her what she thinks. I know veterinarians are forbidden, by law, to recommend cannabis, but that doesn’t preclude them having the knowledge, right?

Anyway, I started giving her CBD. It’s not the best supplement, because it’s only made with CBD isolate (bought it while I was in the city). Giving her 33mg, orally, twice a day. I plan on making her some full-spectrum oil, though. I have a pound of hemp on the way, loaded with Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene, for their anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving properties.

I have been reading that CBD can also be used topically to possibly shrink tumors by messing with the blood flow to the tumor; tumor won’t disappear, but smaller is definitely better. Thinking about giving this a go, too, maybe rub her oral dose on her tumor, then allow the CBD to absorb or be swallowed.

I am thinking about adding THCA, as well. I know it’s not as powerful as THC, but I really don’t want to accidentally give my girl a dose that will cause ataxia because her human gave her 1mg too much THC. The whole THCA/THC thing for dogs is frustrating. I can’t find any real solid info about it. So, until I do, THCA is safer for my girl.

Next week, I plan on making a batch of CBD oil for topical treatment (and ingestion) to be given once a day, plus a batch of 1:1 CBD/THCA for oral administration once a day. Going with .3mg per kg of weight, to start (that equals 9 mgs); will go up to .5mg per kg. I can dose that out fairly easy. It will all be estimated, of course, but I am fairly certain that I have this whole make oil and dose it thing down pretty pat.

Not looking to cure my dog. I mean, I’d love to cure her, but…I’ll settle for keeping her happy and comfortable until the time comes.

*Anybody with advice they’ve received from vets Re: cannabis, please share.

*Anybody with scientific articles on the subject, please share.

*If you just want to commiserate, you’re welcome, too.

My only request: I would like this thread to be filled with scientific evidence, not anecdotal evidence. Our pets are depending on us.


Here is an interesting study :

And another one :


And this is an interesting survey/study on what cannabis related meds people buy for their pets and the perceived benefits of using them :


This dosage chart is connected to a product, but it can be used as a stand alone dosage guide, just ignore the “mg per drops part”.


I’m really sorry to hear about your best friend. I have an older dog, that I do give an edible to on her really stiff days. (Same one that I would eat)
There’s definitely a lack of study here, so this is unscientific, so do as you wish.
If you find the right dose, where it’s not overwhelming, I recognize that it does make my dog more comfortable. She’s able to walk and she makes up the stairs just fine. She usually struggles up stairs.
This is just my experience, and you’re not alone with your best friend struggles. My heart goes out to you. If you need anything, I’ll do my best.


Today, I gave her her 33mg of CBD, plus a drop of THC oil mixed with MCT…probably about 5mg THC tops. Going to see how she does with that.


Again this is not scientific but I did it for my dog when she was dying take 1/8 all of a ounce of concentrate melted into avocado butter rub it on her body where she’s in pain she can also lick it off your fingers the concentrate will be broken down into the avocado oil and then be infused in it keep it in the refrigerator is good for about 6 months sorry to hear about your best friend


Sorry to hear about your girl. Mine has been taking metacam for the last couple years but didn’t need it all the time till lately.
She gets quite stiff and has a hard time negotiating stairs.
I’ve pondered this (giving cbd and thc ) for a bit now and would really like to see if it’s of benefit to make and administer to my girl.
Only well wishes for success in your efforts to better your girls life. Blessings. :v:


Sorry to hear of this.

You may find this useful. It has information about uses and dosage.


@kabongster shared this, too:


So, did you notice any difference yet?
Did you think about doing a video journal, a private thing, just for you and your wife? That way, if you notice something different, you will know it’s not just wishful thinking. Just thinking out loud here…

Sorry to hear about your baby! Im following as ive got gsds with hip dysplasia & have been sprinkling a tiny (i mean tiny) amount of sugar leaves on their food & it appears to help them.


@blackthumbbetty My prayers are with you and your girl. :pray:

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my heart goes out to you. I lost my baby Doc to cancer recently and it hurts. a man told me when his dog was dying and he wouldn’t let the vet put him down the vet said your dog is in pain are you keeping him alive for you or for him. I kept pretending my dog was going to get better because the pain meds made it so he could eat and sleep. it is soul crushing to take that step into the vets and looking your dog in the eyes when they give him that shot because it hurts him too. we carried our baby home and buried him in our backyard with his blanket. nothing is going to prepare you for the pain that is going to be in your heart after this. I am so sorry. pat


So how well did the dose you give her/him do. Help at all?


My husky started having seizures about three years ago. First one freaked me out I thought he was dying. The vet put him on Phenobarbital to treat it but that made him nuts. I couldn’t deal with him like that so I did some research on CBD and started him on that. It’s helped quite a bit with the seizures. He just went six months seizure free up until a few days ago, but overall it has been working extremely well. So sorry to hear you having to go through that with your dog. It’s hard to deal with the death of a dog mostly because they are usually a better companion than people are and give love unconditionally. I had a Blue Healer for 16 years broke my heart when she died, still makes me tear up when I think about her. I hope you find a way to ease the discomfort for the last days.


Oh, she’s not to the point of euthanasia. We have already spoken with our regular vet, so we have our end of life plan ready. The moment life is more bad than good, we will help her end the suffering.

Our vets are wonderful. After she dies (in my arms, she will die I’m my arms) they will take her body to a private pet crematorium about 40 miles out of town, then we will get her ashes.

When the time comes, I will be a wreck. I can’t even imagine.


Seemed to go well. Absolutely no signs of her getting high from that small amount of THC. She was alert, playful, and her typical treat loving self.


I am thinking about making an oil that’s 1 part THC and 4 parts THCA. Then, I’ll make a CBD oil that’s 4 parts CBD and 1 part CBDA. I can dose the THC/CBD seperately, or mix them together.


My like on your post was for “in my arms.” I will do that as well; in my arms and with a tennis ball. Makes me sad.

All the best to each of you at this time.