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This might help some people figure out what they need. I hope this helps.




Medical Marijuana testing results

This is a pretty awesome graphic @Fepony Thanks!


Haven’t seen this on here before, a basic breakdown of strain properties.


Wow you guys have some great inforgraphics. I am saving these…
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Actually giving them credit for their work (kind of legal and stuff).


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I added more info hope it all helps.

So,...how often do you smoke?

Thank you @Fepony and @Whodat66 , very helpful and informative :green_heart::seedling:


This one is pretty cool too. @Fepony

@MacGuyverMedic Some good info here


More info on Terpenes. I consider this very informative. Check out the Terpenes in Cannabis section. Terpenes can be increased by increasing the “essential oils” of the plant. I use FoxFarms ChaChing in the last stage of flower.