CBD strains others have found helpful

I suffer from Bursitis, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis, and so much more between my neck and lumbar spine.

Ive never had any CBD strains before and I’m growing one called Peach Purée CBD. It’s THC to CBD ratio is 1:2. So not that great.

What other CBD strains y’all found helpful if you suffer from pain like I do. Thanks in advance.


Cannatonic, AC/DC, Ringo’s Gift, and Harlequin all worked well for me both for anxiety and pain. It’s been a while since I used much CBD, so I can’t be more descriptive of each, but I don’t remember being disappointed by those.


I have lots of neck issues and subsequent nerve damage. I have yet to find anything that touches my pain. I’ll be watching this.

However, CBD has helped immensely with my anxiety. Been using a strain called Casino Cookies to make my CBD oil.


Thanks for the replies @blackthumbbetty and @elheffe702.

I’m not one that needs a head high constantly. I smoke some at the end of the day as I want to stay clear headed.

I’ve had strains that I picked up on Colorado that wasn’t CBD strain and they helped. I didn’t keep the names like a idiot but I never thought I’d ever grow.

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The strain I mentioned is a hemp strain with 21% CBD and less than .3% THC. There’s no getting high, per se, but it does offer relief for various issues.

This strain is supposed to be great for pain, but it doesn’t touch my nerve pain. It does help my anxiety, though.

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The ones I listed vary, 10:1 or more CBD:THC.

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I’ve found one strain that has 23% CBD. It’s called Super Critical Bud CBD. Is there any higher CBD strains others have found greater than 23%?

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My source has 4 pages of CBD strains. I didn’t think they had that many so lots to read and research. I really want to get Dinafem Bubba Kush CBD but I think it’s only 16% CBD.

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@Maklor I don’t live in Cali. I have to order CBD seeds and certain THC ones that help combat pain, insomnia and PTSD.

But that’s for the input. :+1: