CBD potency in edibles

I grew a CBD strain that advertised a potential 7% CBD and 4% thc content. When I run the numbers using coconut oil in a recipe, it seems like the CBD in the finished product is very low. Is that a reasonable expectation in using CBD?

Commercial gummies typically contain 10mg per gummy, but I am coming up with much less than that.

Suggestions for upping the potency of my gummies are appreciated.

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Well the % is just an estimate but let’s say each gram has 7% CBD then that that = 70 mg of cbd.
But at least that is how the thc % is converted but not sure if it is the same for CBD %?
Maybe some more experienced with CBD will chime in.
Good luck

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I ran it through this one as well and came up with total cannibanoids under 1 mg per dose (gummies in this case).

Percentages of THC and CBD are based on near perfect growing conditions.

I think the calculator is accurate, based on what I have done. But don’t have any hard analyses.

Did you decarb properly? I’m just learning, but somewhere I read that CBD takes a higher temperature than THC.

@CBDmikki , where did you read that? I’m interested in finding out about this difference in de-carb temps.


Thanks @Newt !

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