Cbd oil for dogs

I would like your thoughts on giving cbd oil to dogs. I have an 11 year old Siberian Husky that I have raised from a 5.5 week old pup. From what I can tell he is in good shape but he does have benign tumors and lumps. I do not think he is in much pain do to his actions but he is old, has those tumors and has to have some pain if nothing else then from his age. I was thinking about cbd oil for him for pain and just his overall health but know very little about the subject. If you think this is a good idea, please help me with getting a good product, how much and how often to administer and any other ideas you may have. Thank you!!
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There was a relevant thread that discussed a similar situation in recent weeks. It might be helpful for you.



Try it! High quality CBD oil is exactly what some pooches need.


Thanks. Going there now.

Thank you. The high quality is what I am looking for. Suggestions?

I give my dogs the same stuff I take. I make it at home.

Otherwise, you want full spectrum plant derived CBD, no isolates. CBD derived from hemp seed is near useless (hint: it’s not CBD), but CBD derived from hemp plants is excellent medicine.


I shop Lazarus Naturals for CBD products, but Bluebird Botanicals, CBDistillery, Charlotte’s Web, and NuLeaf Naturals are all reputable. Multi-level marketing CBD is generally overpriced and of inferior quality.

Most of them have full spectrum products and many offer substantial discounts to veterans. I get 40% off of Lazarus products for being a veteran.

@blackthumbbetty knows her stuff and has threads here on how to make your own if you choose to go that route.


Thank you!

Thanks buddy! I do intend to go that route sometime in the near future.

I would like to grow/make my own CBD oil. Can you guide me to which seeds I need for this? Thank you!

That depends on exactly what you’re looking for. :grinning:

I am new here

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