CBD oil for Anxiety and Depression

I really want to dedicate a grow to CBD strains, but since I personally have never tried CBD on its own, I figured I should before I commit to growing it.

I just started last night. Going with the sublingual CBD oil route. The product I purchased is made locally and contains 2250mg/15 ml, or 9mg per drop (per the package). The recommended dose for anxiety is 18-36mg, no more than 20 times a day.

Also, he gave me a pre-roll of something called cherry blah blah blah. I don’t tend to like cherry strains (I love cherry everything, just not weed apparently), but hey free cbd nug. I didn’t care for smoking the dried cbd herb. I don’t smoke cigs or anything, just weed, so to smoke something and not feel ripped from it wasn’t fun.

I vaped some, too, as the guy said his was made to be able to be vaped. It wasn’t terrible, but it needs some added terpenes to make it incredible. So, until I make my own and make it taste good, I will stick with sublingual dosing.

I have been Googling, but have only found a few charts, as well info that the doses need for anxiety & depression tend to be much lower than for other ailments.

So, those who use CBD oil for treating not-so-mild anxiety and depression, what has been your personal experience with dosing for CBD? I know we’re all different, so your experience won’t be mine, but it could help me figure mine out.

This stuff is expensive! If it works, can’t wait to make it myself.


Usually a mix of pills (oil in capsules) and tincture and you’ll have to go up based on your tolerance and use. Usually for a heavy marijuana user like myself, I went with 25mg capsule in the morning - 10mg drops as needed through the day (something in the range of every 2 - 4 hours or so) and a 50 at night before bed. Some people don’t need as much and can get by with just tincture but the heavy dosage capsules seem to carry you through your day. Taking a 50 would make me drowsy in the morning which is why I dose lower earlier in the day

That being said I prefer full spectrum thc flower but I could see the advantages for cbd especially for anxiety or depression.


Everything I’ve been reading says ingestion is the worst for CBD, because so little of the medicine needed makes it through the system. I love weed THC edibles, but if CBD edibles are less effective than sublingual or vaping, I want to stick with the absolute most effective mode of administration.


When I was still working, I was using CBD (flower mainly, smoked and vaped, some rso or even dabs sometimes) throughout the day for anxiety and depression. My goto was usually a high CBD, low THC strain of some kind, usually AC/DC or Cannatonic, or something similar. They’d be 10-12% CBD or so, and I’d have about a half gram or so, just a hit here and there through the day. So 100 mg or so over 8ish hours. But that’s on top of a dab or two of a high CBD shatter or whatever for stiffness/pain, to be able to move at all. So, maybe like 150-200 mg, total? Anyway, it was a life saver for me. I got tired of being a Guinea pig…no? Try this one…


This is what I do. Also it was the best and longest lasting pain reliever. Just smoking doesn’t touch the pain but does help with ptsd and depression. Tincture and caps in the morning. Tincture hit in 15 min. Caps took a couple of hours but between the 2 I am freaking GREAT all day long with only smoking at bedtime to knock me out


OK, guys, this thread is specifically about CBD and Anxiety/Depression, not pain just relief. :grinning: I would really like to get info specifically about that, not just general CBD use. I thank you for all you input, but I really want to keep this thread on topic.

So, if you use CBD oil specifically for anxiety and/or depression, I really want to hear about your experiences.

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I really want to grow a CBD strain to try making my own oil. I am testing this oil to see if CBD will even help me. You found relief from your crazy from smoking? You’d recommend I try a CBD strain? RQS has an auto…starts with an S…18+% CBD, no THC. Greenhouse has an Exodus Cheese auto that’s 8% all. Almost bought them for this year but decided to test CBD oil, first.

I am only doing sublingual, now. If it works, will I really notice a difference or is it gradual? The first day, I took about 75mg total. Yesterday, I did about 110mg. Today, I will go up to 145mg.

If I can get the physical symptoms of anxiety to go away, I’d be happy enough with that. It would make it easier to not feel like a crazy person w/o my heart racing and my hands shaking uncontrollably at any sign of interpersonal conflict. I can’t interact with people, even here, w/o getting worked up into a ball of anxiety. Then, I get bishi. Boo.


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I love that we are at the point that Consumer Reports has something to say about CBD!

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For anxiety attacks like that, a couple hits off my vape would take the edge off and make things manageable. It’s funny you should say that, I was just thinking about how for the most part, people suck lol

Another I thought of that I used a lot was Ringo’s Gift. It’s a more chill high, with the same mind-chilling effect though.

Lately though, I only really use CBD when everything else is off the rails and not working right.


Huh. Look at that.


Don’t trust what you read necessarily because it will have different effects for different people not to mention different strains with different environments… you get where I’m going with this. Millions of variables at play. Growing your own and dosing yourself would eliminate many of these. If you’re really interested, you can try a few varieties and see how that works for you. I wouldn’t eliminate any options just in case that was the golden key. If you try it and don’t like it - atleast you know. I was hoping my wife would like it more than she did - but unfortunately she’s already hooked on big pharma that uses SSRI’s. Wishing you the best!

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My wife has been using CBD oils and edibles for her anxiety. She has more anxiety than depression.
At a dose of 25mg to 35mg per day, or 5-7 5mg gummies plus vaping 10-15 pulls during the day she felt noticibly better. Also used sublingual drops. Downside is the expense. 60 gummies for $50 adds up quickly. We just could not afford to keep that up. Gummies with Turmeric & Spirulina were her preferred choice.

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