CBD oil? Anyone have any experience with using cbd oil sold here?


The 5% CBD oil sold on this site sounds good, but I read it’s made from organic industrial hemp, as opposed to cannabis. I’ve read that industrial hemp pulls all the poisons and bad things out of the soil. I wouldn’t imagine wanting to consume those bad things.
Also, what are people using it for? It supposedly doesn’t make one high, but I’ve noticed that it gives me a strange kind of drowsy feeling. Should it be used only before sleep? Thanks


I know nothing about this, but someone will be along shortly with much more knowledge than myself. This does sound like a bad thing though…


I have not used it myself but have seen others on the forum use it and said it was better then the stuff they can get locally. There local only contained %3 or something of that sort so ILGM cbd was more potent.
It may have been @Countryboyjvd1971 that I saw mention it but I’m not positive. I tagged him to see if it was.


@Jmesser80 it wasn’t me but @bob31 may know who
I know he uses it


@Jggrows It’s just like taking pain medication without the harmful side effects I take it daily every 4 to 6 hours I dose by drop instead of taking the hydrocodone I take two drops of gotten completely off of pharmaceuticals using cannabis if you have any further questions feel free to ask no thc won’t get you high or come up on drug test made from hemp plant


Thanks for the replies. I’m still concerned about any harmful health effects from any toxins from industrial hemp. i know that some people make their own oil from high quality cannabis, buds, stems and leaves.


Guys I recently buy premium quality CBD oil in capsules to treat headache. You may find it helpful to read the information and check out the effective link. I am already familiar with this brand for the production of CBD products and these are really great medicines.


i was benzo for about 6 yrs now, but didn’t do much help but destroy. Tried quitting cold turkey but withdrawal was so intense. Then i got cbd oil from https://healthcbd.market/product/full-spectrum-cbd-oil/ and it did wonders for me, now 2yrs off benzo and feeling better than ever.


Congrats @peterjosh

I have used cbd for headaches and it works well. Most impressive is the effect on my aged and ailing dog. A few ml’s of 1500mg cbd oil and he sleeps like a baby for 12 hours.


Hey mate ok wat I knw is that wat people call cannabis is not cannabis and in fact is skunk so wen they are makin oil out of that is no good cause it will kill yr brain sell cause of the real high thc in it so that being said wat is cannabis well it’s is the one that grows wild in place like India jamamica and the Middle East why cause the thc levels are not high but high to hell wid pain etc and it will help wid every thing and if yr in a place like that then jst add in food and if u can get yr hand on wat they call bush weed then make it out off that or find some one like me who can tell you wat I have and can get for you jst be carefully in wat you are gettin of the net etc so I will say the oil that I make I have stopped people cancers tumers m.s Parkerson this is wat it look likes

and the drop format I made remember the resin needs to be brown not green that’s how you knw you have the right one I hope that helps o and a list of the things it helps wid


How do you make yours?


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Yo I use

wash in that for about 5min then drain then I use a rice cooker but fam make sure you do out side if u do inside then fans vent out and no smoking cause the air will light up