CBD Oil and its benefits

I was curious to know if any of you folks have used CBD and what benefits it has to relieve depression, anxiety and pain relief. Is it all hype or is it a legitimate medication as Ive read . I have anxiety, pain and depression and all the pharmacy chemicals have horrible side effects on me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks fellow cultivators.


i use decarbed ground cannabis in capsules with get success for mind and body!

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Thanks @BIGE. I know that it helps me when I use weed. I need something thst I can use for maintanance when working. Getting stoned with the work that I do isnt an option. I have to have clean and steady focus.

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and that is a good thing about these caps…they will not get you high like that…
they calm the beast and help my joints feel more fluid…instead of cracking and popping all the time!

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a bit old,but a good show