CBD Kush - Does this look normal?

From ilgm CBD Kush Autoflower.

This poor little girl has been afflicted almost from birth. Treated for possible root rot, wind burn… she struggled along. Now her leaves are a mess and she’s not as big as the others.

Noticed a dark character to her buds, took a closer image, and found blackish color in the sugar leaves close to the bud. The other CBD Kush plant does not have this. Now I’m wondering if this is ok, or normal, or I should just terminate?

Please, if you have the time, look at these pictures and advise.

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Your flower development looks pretty good. The color i wouldn’t be concerned about, these can be natural expression of genetics or brought on by temp fluctuations. There is obviously something going on with leaves that indicates you have had some issues, but the flower sites look pretty normal to me.


She looks perfectly fine to me.