CBD for curing migraine

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My wife is suffering from migraine and a would like to know if any of you guys have any experience with CBD oil’ s for curing this? Also which strain is best for making the oil?


Might want to check out this thread. Read toward the bottom where he talks about vaporizing and migraine relief: http://support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/t/cluster-headache-and-cannabis-try-it-or-not-does-it-work-or-not/8409/22

Hope this helps as I too suffer from occasional migraines as well as cluster headaches. I feel for your wife: :cry:


@Niala think this is up your alley I’ve been reading your thread about cluster migraines saw this thought you could help @Thedanishguy


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971.:wink::innocent: Hi, @Thedanishguy, i’m empatizing with your wife condition, I know how much painful migraine can be :flushed::dizzy_face:… I’m in the beginning of the aventure with the use of CBD Oil , for now ,with my first experience with vaporize CBD oil in combination of edibles and vaporize dry buds it work very good for me, it made my strong “ordinary” migraine completly fade away. But every one may react differently to this and i’m not a professionnal physician and do not recommand any specific treatement. I’m closely monitor by my family doctor and my neurologist in this adventure, and strongly suggest you do the same… :innocent::+1::v:

Hoping that you’ll find this useful and you can follow my experiences in the link previously mentioned by @ErnieX.


Thanks. Are you currently trying to cure your migraine with any marijuanna related medicine?

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@Thedanishguy, just a thought . check out the strains in the seed bank here on this forum ,and look for thos that produce high CBD’s to begin with .and make your oil or tincture from them .this will give you a very high CBD concentrate .
Hammer .

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Do you have access to any oil’s or shatters or wax is in your location

No. I’m waiting for my plant’s to grow up so that I can start making some oil of my one

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Did you see the thread called My aching back
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No haven’t seen that so thanks. I take a look😊

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lower in thread they got a recipe for a ointment majiktoker has might help you as well bro ?

Thanks​:slight_smile:. Yes majiktoker did help me as well :v:. I appreciate all the help I can get​:laughing:

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I saw very cool of him
Seems there’s a lot of us who can use a bit of help glad I was able to point you in the right direction bro
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The Durban strain is very high CBD and is great for making oil.

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Cbd is very helpful in curing migraine. I to uses it.

I this, excerpts could help:

The cannabinoids present in marijuana act both as an anti-inflammatory (reducing swelling) and analgesic (pain reliever) as well as providing anti-emetic (anti-nausea) properties. As well, cannabis helps alleviate the muscle cramps of the neck and shoulders that come with migraines.

Some migraines are triggered by anxiety, and patients with that trigger should be cautious when using marijuana because in some cases in aggravates anxiety symptoms.

The dose of marijuana required is patient dependent, but usually 3-4 drops of tincture or less than a gram of bud will provide relief for up to six hours. Marijuana should only be used for migraine treatment under a physician’s care, and after a complete physical, including CT scans, have ruled out any other causes for severe headaches. It works best when combined with a migraine prevention program and a place to spend attacks that restricts light and sound.

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