Cbd and thc in homemade oil

Does anyone know when making cbd oil out of a strain with both cbd and thc, if the oil contains the same percentage of the two molecuels?

I don’t wanna make oil, that’ll get you high! Just whant the cbd in My oil.

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If you really care about a serious supply of CBD, consider investing in a second hand supercritical CO2 extraction apparatus from a decaf coffee processing plant and then use that to process the leafy greens that remain as the waste from fiber hemp production. What you’ll get as a product is not exactly pure CBD, it’ll also contain CBN, plant waxes and a bunch of other compounds, but no potentially THC.

Otherwise the method for extracting only the CBD oil from rosin or tincture that contains all the cannabinoïds, you will need laboraty equipment that are very expensive (investement of more than 100 000$), and a negative air pressure room.

Oh there is a theoretical method with filtering tincture through coffee filter and it’s takes multiples passing . Here’s a video that show the first stage

And this one (there’s no showing step by step) ear carefuly around the half of the video the guy speak about the coffee filter method.

I do not recommand for anyone to do this at home because of the utilisation of highly inflammables product , if you do it anyway, it’s at your own risk.

Be safe @Thedanishguy and I hope that I enlighten you a little on this.

P.S. You can choose a strain that have mostly CBD in it, like AC/DC or Charlotte’s Web, the level of THC in these strains is so low that the CBD in it will counter act the psychoactives effects of THC. And I think that the sister site of ILGM, AMS, sold CBD oil.

Hoping that’s helping you @Thedanishguy.

~Al :innocent: :v:

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ever hears of RSO oil ? the orginal Rick Simpon Oil started it all


I’m going to try and make this after I cure my first harvest of WW; I have severe neuropothy in my leg and foot and the opioids I’m on are only making me too stoned to care that I’m in pain instead of healing anything.


I love my wwrso good stuff

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Hey @Niala

Thank you for all of your respons and tips.

@Niala is on point with his info on this topic he always has good stuff to share :+1: @Thedanishguy