CBD and how to checkTrichromes

Hi everyone, first post!

I hope I can get input on checking when a CBD strain is ready to harvest. I have a Pink Kush CBD Auto strain from seedsman. It’s 11 weeks old and the breeder timeline is 7 weeks.

I have a 60-120x microscope and I check the trichromes. They’re about 50/50 clear and cloudy.

For a CBD strain, does the same progress of clear->cloudy->amber trichromes happen? Wondering if anyone has tips on knowing when CBD strains are ready. I’ll post pics, but the scope pics aren’t great.


can’t give you a good answer on that but that is a very beautiful flower on that gal. following along to learn as well, what the answer is :slight_smile:


Yes it does @GardenDan
Very Nice colours you’ve got there too.

And welcome to the neighborhood. :wave: