CBD and harlequin growers plz help me

When should i harvest harlequin for a crystal clear high/body numbing high yet still energetizing? And highest CBD content. 50% orange hairs and milky trichromes or 70-80% or other? Plz help


I’m na medical grower and its not legal to have my plants in public view at all so sry i wish but no pics possible until this dumb inconsiderate law changes

Strain doesn’t have much to do with it. All cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG,…) will be at their max at the same time. Newly milky trichomes will provide the most energizing buzz, but this isn’t necessarily the point of max cannabinoid content. There is a trade off between the type of high and max potency.

Here’s a chart and a video that you may find helpful.


There is a video somewhere about harvesting CBD plants that shows testing CBD content at different stages. I believe it was at 90% milky with 10% still clear that was the highest CBD content. After that the CBD begins to degrade. Once Amber begins to show then CBD is waning a lot.
I grow harlequin and harvest at this point. Mixed with other strains it mellows out the high. Alone it feels like a good 70s strength weed. But still a nice buzzy high though you have to smoke more of it than some of the other stronger strains.

I found it…You may have to sign in to youtube to watch it.

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Ty but during the 90 milky 10%clear how what percentage of hairs will be brown/white?

Ty but during the 90 milky 10%clear how what percentage of hairs will be brown/white? I did watch the vid and at 5:30 it only mentions trichrome color for highest cbd but it doesnt even show the flowers n their hairs but wayoleaf mentioned 50% to 70-80% orange hairs the harlequins rdy so im struggling for info to learn this still :frowning:

All of them. Its really simple. When the pistils turn brown to amber and receding back into the flower, this is when you start monitoring the Trichomes.

You will pull way to early if you use pistils as the indicator the plant is done. I can’t stress this point enough as it gets asked many times each week.

Also a common occurrence on a daily basis is growers will post pictures of the sugar leaves as an indicator its done. This is not true either.

Sugar leaves finish faster from the very top down to the bottom which is slow. The tops finish faster due to it gets the most light.

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Peat is spot on.
However its my understanding that CBD is at its highest before the trichs start to amber.
Harlequin has both CBD and THC so you have to decide which you want more of.
Harvesting earlier gives it a CBD advantage, Later harvest when you start to see amber on the buds gives a THC advantage. I harvest Harlequin when I see 90% milky and 10% clear. This is totally wrong for any plant that is grown for a THC high. But I want max CBD, Not CBN which is what THC degrades into if you have amber trichs.

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Just ordered ILGM Harlequin seeds for Fall Grow.
Thanks SN for your contributions, they are helping me learn.
Best growing to all.
Survived #4 surgery since Feb, restricted to 10 pounds lifting (seedlings!)

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I sprouted one Harlequin seed a year ago. Harvested about 6 ounces and then re-vegged it in a little cabinet I have with an old burble light I bought when I first started growing. It has provided clones and still is doing well. The wife keeps it trimmed and manicured. About to harvest two clones from it today or tomorrow. I will post a few pics later. Very nice frosty buds on this one. Its why I saved it and clone it. I only bought 5 seeds and was so happy with the first one I have 4 left and don’t know when I will grow them.
I just had surgery on my back. Restricted lifting as well. The stitches are driving me mad right now. Another week before removal. Getting old is a pain in the ______ (fill in with your fav phrase)

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