CB Super silver Haze grow


Woohoo @bob31 that would be a good time :+1:
Come on over bro lol
@Stoner_Cody420 indoor thread almost done


I like hamburgers n joints too :’(


Lol @Tonyb don’t we all I’m thinking about trying to put something together somehow ? Not sure how it can be arranged lol
Any way here’s a update on my ssh that I’ll be taking down at the end of the week I call her simply the triplets hahahah

She with two Gorilla Glue ladies and all will be hung this weekend hahaHahha
@bob31 @North_East_Newbie @Rugar89 @kabongster @Hogmaster @ktreez420 @Majiktoker @TxGrowman @BIGE
I tag more of you guys as I go along just wanted to do a quick update


you better get the wheel barrow out,and sharpen the chain on the husky!!!


Hahahahhaha @BIGE wish you where closer bro we could spark a fat once I get this cured proper :+1::cowboy_hat_face:CB


Where in the states r u


In in Ny in north of NYC 90miles and east of the Hudson River @Tonyb


Ahhh I was born in upstate NY, like 3-4 hrs north of Albany. I’m actually going up there for vacation for a camping trip mid july


OMG @Countryboyjvd1971 that is f…g awesome man… Very very beautiful plant!


Fantastic work how many days since you switched them to 12 12?


@Tonyb I was from western NY near Buffalo. Loved that area in the fall. The place you are going to, is it near Pulaski ? I used to love to go rafting there and the fishing was awesome. Jerry


Proving that you are quickly mastering your skills. Very impressive John!
Can’t like this enough!!!


It’s an HR north of Watertown. Right on the saint Lawrence river. Massena/Potsdam, don’t really expect anyone to know where it is lol. Basically the middle of NY State on the American side of the Canadian border.


@Countryboyjvd1971 how many big colas have one plant?


Look at how cute all the little tiny buds are lol you know I love what you do man you know your stuff beautiful Batcha girls now we just need to hook up and Puff puff pass it looks like it’s going to be some fire

with love


Beautiful job @Countryboyjvd1971 they look nice and dense!


Nice @Tonyb yeah I’m next to Poughkeepsie if you know where that is up upstate is very nice bro
I’m about a hour and a half or so south of Albany
Maybe we should set a camp out up lol there’s enough of us it would be a fun time lol
Thanks @M4ur I’m happy with the results of this grow for sure the super silver haze has three main colas and three secondary colas that are a little smaller than the main but look the same
And many smaller shoots that will be good for making hash or edibles :cowboy_hat_face:
@AMUSED2DEATH They are 60 days from switching to 12/12 switch over on 4/18
I’m just watching the tricombes now to get the effect I like :+1: I’m looking for about 20-30 % amber I think its about 10% now :cowboy_hat_face::+1:
Ty @North_East_Newbie I’m doing to best I can at the moment but will continue to refine my skills as we move forward lol
Lmfao @Hogmaster you know I want to make that happen brother I can’t wait for the day we can puff puff pass hey I notice you found a bunch of graphics you been slapping all over nice :+1: I love them
That one looks just like you hahahah
Thanks @WillyJ I’m just trying to keep up with you bro hahahaha
Happy growing all :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB


July 17-24 I’ll be camping upstate. Everyone’s free to join me xD! Just pitch in a lil towards the 10$ a day site n bring food n well all have a great time. My family’s been going to that camp ground since my aunt’s uncles n mom were all lil kids


The more the merrier! @Tonyb


Yay!!! Hamburgers n joints!