CB Super silver Haze grow


ilgm ak-47 and blueberry next round cb…


Nice bro tag me when you get them started brother :+1: @BIGE


will do @Countryboyjvd1971,they are growing already,about the 5th node…i tried fimmeng them last night we’l see how that goes…


Well tag me in bro whatvyou wait for hahahahah
Brb need to go check something out real quick


Sound like a plan and music to my ear brother … woohoo :beers::cocktail::wine_glass::pizza::meat_on_bone::poultry_leg::hamburger:


Tag me too @BIGE, my fisherman friend :grinning: :fishing_pole_and_fish:


will do @Niala,i’ll get off my buns tonight and create a new journal on them.
i’ll wrap up the old one with the weigh in also…the numbers are in!


Looks great man big girl


That’s both tents took a few quick shots before I left this morning :+1: @Hogmaster
Blind shots unzipped the door stuck camera in and shot them can’t wait to harvest should be a nice haul :+1: And then another in October with the outdoor plants what hahahahhaha


You’re going to have fun harvesting all that by yourself send me a plane ticket and I’ll come up and help you and I’ll return the favor when I’m ready LOL


Hahahhaha I may take you up on that hahahaha
its going to a bit of work for sure but one of love brother :+1:


It’s about nap time for you isn’t it CB LOL


In just a few brother hahahha
You know me well
Glad you don’t want to put a hit on me lol @Hogmaster


I would do the same my friend trust me


Looks awesome bro … that GG looks delicious :drooling_face:


ThNks brother it’s not bad try it if you get a chance @jasong
I also have super silver in one tent as well first ssh grow so I’ll have to get back on the taste there hahahaha


Wow, frosty buds galore… sorry for all the harvesting you have to look forward to, poor @Countryboyjvd1971 …and all that mmj to dispose of, you’ll be a busy guy!


IKR? problems like that I would say give it all away to your friends and start again :wink:


Hahahah @kabongster and @Donaldj
Yeah I know big issues to have hahahhaha
And I don’t know about giving it away but starting again definitely lol
Gold leaf grow near future :cowboy_hat_face::joy::+1::v:️ Thanks guys


@kabongster @Donaldj @BIGE @Hogmaster @Niala ROAD TRIP!!! lol