CB Super silver Haze grow


Tucking it away for a rainy day…good thinking.
Although what is one more plants during a nice summer grow LOL


Or should I say happy wife happy life :thinking: Which is more important? Ladies please don’t jump on me for asking that lol :grinning:


Yeeaaahhh, bonus seed :grinning::laughing::wink::innocent:


lol your not helping my grow addiction @North_East_Newbie
@Niala nice to see you around brother I’ll be on and off thru out the day :+1:
Also did you see question from @AMUSED2DEATH about reducing light intensity at end of grow @Niala


So, the principal thing to understand here is it’s a way of mimicking the natural processus of the plant…

If you have more than 1 lamp fixture, like @Countryboyjvd1971, withdraw your most powerful one or 1 fixture if they are all the same power…

If you have just 1, like me, you can raise your fixture about 1 foot/week from the canopy, if you have the height space… By doing so, you’ll change the foot print and by extension, the lux or foot candle if you prefer… It will affect the lumens and the PAR also…

In conclusion, the plant will give a last push in a “sexual” frustration in producing more sugar and essential oil and that make that sweet sticky stuff in and on the trichomes, in a last attempt to be pollinated…

And yes, you can begin this processus now and you can also go to a 10/14 (10 hours of light and 14 hours of darkness) schedule, to push the reasonnement further… :wink:

Hoping that’s respond to your satisfaction your question… @AMUSED2DEATH

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thank you I am gonna give it a go, i have seperate lights i can turn the big one off…


You’re welcome :innocent:, it’s always a pleasure to help a fellow grower :grinning:

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Your journals are inspirational @Countryboyjvd1971

I’m thinking I should have waited to top and FIM all my girls. The pineapple haze is flowering for some reason (too much shade). I started supercropping the tall stems to get them all level with the lower stems that are catching up.
I’ll update the SCROG topic this weekend. Working on burying lines from my pump house to the gardens so that avoiding them while mowing isn’t such a monumental PITA.

More plumbing parts are due to arrive tomorrow, so we’ll see if I get it in before the lawn is too long to use the finish mowing deck instead of the cross-cut.


I’m glad I can help in any way possible @Willd
Sounds like your garden will be on auto pilot in no time I bow :bowing_man: in respect :+1:
I recently bought a battery powered transfer pump that Milwaukee make runs on 18v battery I also bought the fan they make as well👍
The pump it to make the watering task a little easier on me takes way to long to walk back and forth to rain barrel to get 1/2 gal of water each time lol
The fan is for those hot days that are coming this summer to help keep air moving during the heat of the day they say it will run on low for 18 hours so we will see how it works out with windows and doors full open and fan blowing through green houses I think all will be fine brother I’ll post pictures of the new toys later when I get home on my outdoor thread


those tents get warm…I didn’t realize it but in hindsight, all the big greenhouses have very big fans to circulate air…these tents will test your abilities and your time management!

big buds and a seed to go…you will be a happy farmer soon enough, after the harvest and cure, lots of mmj and then more plants and more mmj, more plants growing bigger heavier buds, increasing in weight with every harvest!!


Woohoo you should be a sales man @kabongster
I’m sold where do I sign up lol
I’ll post the pictures of my new toys later on my other thread brother I think the fan should help in the heat of The summer if I can get the 18 hour like they say
Milwaukee makes some good tools so I’m hopeful
i have two batteries so one will always be full charged :+1:


Technically its not “sexual frustration” what happens is different wavelengths of light trigger different hormones in the plant sending messages to the cells of the plant basically telling it how to respond to what spectrum of light is being provided.

Red spectrum triggers the sexual reproduction hormone of a plant which you then in terms get the flowers


Thanks @Majiktoker so is there a benifit to reducing the light when near harvest ?


What that is really used for when you think about it, in nature light naturally decreases as low as 8/16 so it basically tells the plant and the plants receptors and cells realize that the end of the season is coming so it needs to finish before its the dormant season.

So when you look at it in another aspect when growing inside essentially lowering the light cycle helps the plant realize she needs to start finishing because its coming to “winter” so in some what of a view when late enough in flower it will in a sence speed them up and help them finish along with helping the process of ambering trichomes.


The expression “sexual frustration” is an attempt to “vulgarize” or if you prefer, to made in a more accessible word, very techical scientific data to explain the hormonal respond induce by the spectrum of the sun going lower in the sky that produce a shift in the spectrum to the “reddish” one because it have to pass through more thick layer of the atmosphère and the shorter “blueish” spectrum are less able to pass through.

But, yes, it’s not totally accurate since plant do not have “human feeling”, however, it’s a widely repend expression to express and attempt to explain to the public, the hormonal respond triggering. You can achieved that by elevate the distance between the canopy and the light since the blue spectrum, that have shorter wavelengths, are fading faster as distance is greater and that, I think that the relation as a greater exponential lost than the red spectrum shift, I know I have this some where, but for now, it do not come in my memory, lol :wink:, I am getting old, lol :sweat_smile: :wink:. …

Anyway, I stick to my explanation and that is standing to the shorter light exposition too , that, in combination of the redier spectrum, will induce the hormonal respond to be greater. @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971

~Al :v: :innocent:


I agree with you 100% @Niala lol wasnt saying you were wrong and one more thing to add is blue spectrum being the shortest wavelength is the strongest wavelength and the red or far red spectrum is the longest spectrum there for making it the weakest

Switching wavelengths would certainly be the explanation of the homorone getting activated


Lol :grinning:, my friend , but we gone a lost in the dust some poeple if we go further, or not, , lol :wink:, haaa, here’s something to complicate things a little more…

Blue spectrum as the more energy dû to the shorter wavelengths but, it’s more easely stop then the red spectrum that have less energy but longer wavelengths that able them to pass when the higher energy and shorter wavelengths of the blue spectrum is fading away or totally block.

Example : almost all the UV’s are block by a simple window but near the majority of IR gone a pass through… The shorter wave have more difficulty to pass through matter, just because they cannot “sneak” , “au contraire” then the longest wavelength of the IR, that can “sneak” through and less of them are stop by matter… That’s why the window is gone a let through the “warmth” feeling and you never gone a have a tan behind a window, @Majiktoker :wink:


Their is a very big news for a Montreal Canadien fan like me, a major aquisition, so see ya all later :wink::innocent:


and you told me you are a beginner!! They look great – too bad we don’t have Smell-a-Vision!


Your absolutely right bro 100% lol great explanation we will stop there im sure I could keep going with you but for Countryboyjvd1971 sake we wont lol @Niala