CB Super silver Haze grow


They will love 7 gal bro woohoo they will be big hahahaha
Can’t wait to see that I have one gg bud that has to be three inches in diameter lol I’ll get a pic later for you bro :grin::+1:
It’s only about 4-6inches long but fat as hell @BIGE
I can’t wait to see you grow them my friend
I know hog got a few started as well
It make me smile see them growing all over the country hahahhhaha


@M4ur i’m actually on my third grow,but one got messed up by a hospital stay this spring…
my first grow was a hoot!! i really thought i was doing good…lol i got two decient plants from it
the second grow was almost dead when i got out of the hospital. i managed to save some of it,not much.
this grow,which i call #2,went flawlessly i’ll put up some pics later…


Here’s a couple of the ssh In my gg tent lol
I will get some of scrog tent when the buds fill out a little more they look great in that tent too just about a week and a half behind theses lol so scrog pics soon folks hahahaha
Happy growing peeps :v:️ John


I’m drooling over here CB!
You are one masterful grower.


They just keep getting better and better! Don’t you luv it :grinning:


Thanks boys @WillyJ and @North_East_Newbie
I’m not guru I’m just growing and still learning guys lol
I appreciate the kind word @North_East_Newbie
And yeah I love this part WillyJ everyday they look better and better a few more weeks and time to split the stem and then dark period woohoo :raised_hands: And then Harvest :cowboy_hat_face::+1: can’t wait lol
My other tent is a bit behind this one so it will be a staggered harvest :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971… Awesome job, those look primo


Wow! Looking good.


Thanks @Zombo I’m happy with this grow for sure
I had a issue and got so but burn because I decided not to flush even though ff schedule tells you to I took a shot and learn my lesson next grow I’ll flush every three week in flower as directed lol all good now but damaged leaves are done for :anguished: Lol live and learn I caught it early but damage done lol
How’s your grow doing my friend?


Plants look good CB, even though you said they have some nute burn… My grow is going good… Just gave them week 5 nutes tonight, not full strength maybe 1/2… Runoff was in good ranges, ppm were lower than schedule calls for so I think all is ok @Countryboyjvd1971


Nice @Zombo glad to hear that
Yeah feeding didn’t cause it build up in the soil did but oh well now I know lol I figured I wasn’t feeding twice a week a they directed so I’d be fine haha
Yield won’t be effected I was caught fast bro
Tag me when you post new pics bud


@Countryboyjvd1971… Doesn’t ff have that sledgehammer product to flush? So you have to flush every 3 weeks in flower?


Looking tasty my friend! Nice work they look great!


Yeah that what they recommend and I have it so no excuses lol @Zombo
Do you have a copy of schedule if so it tells you I think between weeks 7&8 & agian 9&10 I believe it is buddy
Thanks @MattyBear I’m happy for sure :+1::cowboy_hat_face:
@Zombo remember I was feeding full strength also I’m not sure if your feeding half or less if flushing will be needed :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971, wow schedule calls for 3 flushes in flower, just realized that… Maybe just flush with ph’d water… What exactly is Sledgehammer?


No not sure exactly I can post a picture of the ingredients when I get home
But it supposed to draw excess nutes out of soil and you can do a flush with just water but you need to flush 3x pot size so 15 gal of ph water to 5gal pot
That’s a lot of water to ph when you got 8 plants that need flushing hahahahhaha
With the sledge hammmer you use 1 gal of mix and a gal or two of ph water much less :+1:
And as I said last night since your feeding 1/4 to 1/2 you may not need it @Zombo
I saw the signs and ignored them buddy trying to save time and being lazy :frowning:
I paid the price with burned leaves once I flushed the burning stopped but again damage done lol all good now
FYI I also stop feeding min two weeks before harvest so I don’t need a final flush at end
I might feed the gg plus one tent one more time and ssh scrog tent 2 more times before I harvest


@Countryboyjvd1971, whatever your doing is working, your plants look great bro!.. Have a good day


Thanks @Zombo you have a nice day as well my friend


Thanks @AnneBonny hope they taste as good too hahahhaa


Those colas will look like baseball bats soon, full and heavy…you have gardening skills my friend :blush: