CB Super silver Haze grow


Yeah I see that. @darren and my guess is they are right side up in your smartphone? Do you know how to crop on your phone. Try cropping them just a little and see if that helps. I don’t seem to have the issue so I’m not sure why you do?

Do you ever logoff and log back on to the site? Maybe try that and see what happens.


I normally just stay signed in so I’ll try that, it’s a galaxy j3, and I don’t know how to crop the pictures but I’ll try signing out


I can explain how to crop but try the logoff logon and see what that does


I bet they look even better today :wink:


So this is a pic of one of my Gorilla :gorilla: Glue buds
I was busy and didn’t take my weekend pics as normal so I’m hoping to get a few on the super silver normal grow and of the scrog screen tent today or tomorrow after work
Enjoy this one for now folks more to follow
Super silver has a bud 12-13 inches long at last look about 1/12-2 inches in diameter :grin::+1::v:
Happy growing all tanks for stopping buy John

Oh and one more note I turned off my 1000 watt cob light in the Gorilla Glue plus one tent for the rest of the grow I’ll be running my two 400 watt cob lights only
@bob31 @Zombo @kabongster @Hogmaster @WillyJ @North_East_Newbie @Onlythebest79 @Niala thanks to your suggestion on my last indoor grow I’m moving technique to this grow as well brother


That’s a pretty bud
lots of red hairs and gettin’ frosty!
I bet she smells wonderful!


Yeah she has lots of company @North_East_Newbie
My wife actually said something to me over the weekend lol I had tents open watering them and even with 3 charcoal filter and exhaust fans going the smell started to reach up stairs lol had to close tents and stop drooling all over the floor at that point
Once tents where closed smell went away
I need to get a few pic in natural light today hopefully


Looking good brother! Gorilla Glue is one of my favorite strains!!! :+1:


I find I spend most free time before work gazing into my tent.
I have the tent in the basement, in the same room as my furnace.
The wife says she know when I open the tent, as she can smell it through the ducts in the bedroom.
Look forward to your updated pics. :+1: :seedling:


Yeah I had a bunch of seeds gifted to me so I’ll be growing these along with other for a while @MattyBear
lol it’s a great :+1: feeling imo when you can make the whole house smell like bud hahahaha @North_East_Newbie


Wow! Outstanding job​:+1:you got me dreaming hoping for big beautiful buds like yours :grinning:


You’ll have them soon enough my brother :+1: @WillyJ


AWESOME CB! i bet that is some sticky stuff!!!


@BIGE it stinks up the whole basement and leaks upstairs even though I run three exhaust fans with charcoal filters when I have both tents open
Can’t wait to harvest brother they look so yummy but buds are still getting fatter WooHoo :raised_hands:
I’ve haven’t had time to take any good pics but I’ll try to get some better shots. This week brother
How’s everything going with your grow?
And FYI that’s the g g :grin::+1:


it’s all good CB,i’m looking at harvesting by the end of the week…


Your so lucky :four_leaf_clover: lol
I’m jealous :unamused: I still have a couple weeks I think at least by date but my tricombes are getting milky already I figured maybe two or three tho tops left yet but tricombes will tell me for sure
I dropped a super hash auto bean last night :+1:
@Hogmaster convinced me to try one and gifted it to me so how can I refuse lol
Thanks again hog
Will start a grow thread on it when it pops lol :+1:


you will not be disappointed @Countryboyjvd1971 i think i have 66 days in this grow,and they are ready!


@BIGE it’s your 1st grow? And auto?


Yeah I like the sound of that hog is saying about the same for super hash so woohoo
I’m going to Do it in my small tent I put the clone I had I there outside in a 3gal soft pot ? Will see what happens with that lol and two small gg plants I need to transplant into something lol I may just stick them in the ground and see what happens ? I have to many going right now hahahaha what a problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have lol @BIGE I super excited I have the ffof and 3 gal pot ready to go and I have two 300 w led in that tent 2x2x4 lol should be fun


that should be plenty,i’m going to go down to a four-five gallon… i grew these in seven gal pots,and i believe it was/is taking them to long to dry out…
when i get those GG going i’ll have those sevens to use…lol