CB Super silver Haze grow


Looks dangerous lol @Onlythebest79
Yeah I just updated the iPhone guess I’ll see how it goes on from here thanks @bob31


@Countryboyjvd1971 is that bud part of your scrog? it is fantastic and if memory serves you have about 4 weeks more to fatten it up. Question for the group. When the ilgm stats say the flower period is 71 days, is that 71 days from when you switch to 12 12, or 71 days from after the 2 week stretch period?


mmmmmmm…sideways bud!


I’ve had bud that got me sideways. LMAO :rofl::sunglasses:


My whole life I’ve been sideways guys hahahhaha


No @AMUSED2DEATH it a ssh I have in my other tent with a couple gg plants
And thanks
It 72 after the 2 transition weeks I believe brother


That bud looks super sticky @Countryboyjvd1971 Nice job bud!!!


Jelly af of your grow…


Thanks @MattyBear still have weeks left but it’s getting tempting to have a taste lol
@Tonyb silly do not be jelly you going to have big beautiful buds as well brother :+1::cowboy_hat_face:
Thanks for stopping in brothers


I’m more jelly cuz I don’t have space for tents like you :frowning:


Well that will limit you for sure lol
Yeah I think I’m pretty lucky actually
I have been kicking around the idea of building a bigger space in my garage
I have a two car garage and only use one side for the car other side is a storage area
If o moved out there I’d double my current space :+1::cowboy_hat_face:
Will see in time @Tonyb


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971
I’m getting 5000 sqft built and my closet in my master for me is 15x8 and the whole closet is mine and she has her on closet the same size. I say do it get the bigger space and make it one relaxing place to be


If you can convince your wife to give up the Big walking closer hahahhaha Good luck with that @Onlythebest79
Hahahha but yeah I would if I was you put a big couch and a tv in thee lol
Nice big house brother


Yea well I’m paying cash fornthebhouse out of my pocket for the house. She has a lot of say so when it comes to the decorating but actual size and design is all me. I gave her the bigger closet as the smaller one I enlarged to the 15x8 and it’s connected to my other man cave my trainroom via small door. I’m also gone get my closet wired for solar power that way there is no increase in power bill and it’s off the grid. I’m designing to my/our likings and it’s being built in 4acres of land. Also this will be my final resting place as it’s in the will to bury me on my land. Hopefully that’s many years from now.


I hope mine turn out that good. but if you keep talking dirty to me by posting pics like this, i can ignore you… hahaha,
she looks BEAUTIFUL! and the 'chomes…:heart_eyes:
My rosemary hardhat topping was successful as after today’s sun, she has growth.
I’ll keep you posted.


like i told countryboyjvd1971, keep posting dirty pics like this and i can ignore you… :laughing: looks like a great meal … !!!


Sounds great brother and cash good for you my friend :+1:
@cheapsweater hahahaha I’ll post more soon
Glad your enjoying them yours will be just as good or better because your here on Iglm :+1::v:️ CB


I’m just soaking 2 ssh and 2 ww seeds today,what does she smoke like


I keep getting that issue all the time with my goldy pictures, they keep posting sideways lol


Looking good bro