CB Super silver Haze grow


One thing I did learn from this grow
When feeding full strength fox farms nutrients you need to follow flush schedules as per ff feeding schedule
I was being lazy and decided not to flush as directed and wound up with issues I did catch them and did my flush all good but could have saved some stress just following the directions
So to anyone following and thinking of useing full nutes
Follow instructions and flush every three weeks in flower :+1:
I did feed only once per week during this entire grow full strength nutes instead of twice as directed
But the results speak for them selves and we still have about three to four weeks left in grow :+1::cowboy_hat_face::v:


@Countryboyjvd1971… That’s awesome Country… You good at this growing thing… Lol


As you will be too sir
I’m still learning and trying new stuff myself bro
Once you get this grow out of your way you’ll be more comfortable with everything as well
My Friend @Zombo


@Willd i’ll be more than happy to come up and help you with your harvest that goes for you too @Countryboyjvd1971 i’ll be more and happy to come help you too brother


On the side I have a red Devil a cheese and Cheong and to gorilla glue (thanks CB) and I have two gold leave in 2SSH not pictured with a couple clones


Getting ready to bring the tent up and put it back together placed all the tarps oh so much fun


Woohoo @Hogmaster tag me when you get it all set up brother


awesome work john!! you will have plenty in reserve my friend! you have me double guessing my plans seeing these pics!


Thanks @BIGE
I surly didn’t mean to do that E lol
Yeah I’m happy with the results of this grow and we aren’t done yet still have 3/4 weeks to go
I attribute the success to my full nute feedings ?


you are quite the gardener my friend…a tip of my ten gallon cowboy hat @Countryboyjvd1971 that is a beautiful bud!


Thanks for the kind words sir @kabongster
Can’t wait to chop it down and dry it out hahaha


Wow wow wow! I was only gonna do one but I couldn’t help myself. @Countryboyjvd1971 I’d say you’ve got it hooked up!


The girls make my mouth water. :sunglasses::yum::joy:


Thanks @bob31 @OldStealth here one more for you guys that’s one of the three top super silver Haze plant :seedling: :+1::cowboy_hat_face:
@ktreez420 @Zombo @Onlythebest79 @kabongster @Nug-bug @Hogmaster @TxGrowman @BIGE


beautiful! @Countryboyjvd1971 thats really cool. Man, I am not worthy!


Beautiful job and here’s this mornings chiba. Enjoy with me in spirit and if you ever in central Florida hit me up it won’t have to be in spirits.

This is called alien OG don’t ask me how it gots is name I just knownit smoke and puts me to sleep


Looking great I’ve heard of it @Onlythebest79
Enjoy the morning smoke bro

Same bud tried cropping it to see if it would post correctly and it did strange my other I cropped as well ??? @bob31 your the it guy
I did just update phone as well
Oh and it’s over 12 inches long lol :+1:
@darren how’s that for a nice bud woohoo
@cheapsweater here a pic of one of my ssh :blush:
Your going to like the ssh


The sideways pics? I thought you were growing them sideways? LMFAO

I think it site issues there as well. I can’t even imagine why that is happening. I haven’t had the issue at all, but it seems to be smartphones that are having issue. Might be some sort of code bug in the mobile gui.


Not trying to out do or show you up but just want to share what’s on the dinner menu

Hey this is this afternoons smoke. The name my guy gave this is grown man purp. Why I don’t know but taste purplish.



I have a smart phone and it’s showing up correctly and I haven’t done the new download yet. As I wait a week or two to do so to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the download