CB Super silver Haze grow


They looks very healthy, very beautiful and very frosty, John… Simply WOOW… :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::tongue::+1::ok_hand: … Nice ScrOG setting my dear friend :grinning: :+1: :ok_hand:

I am just giving a quick passing by to say hello and to say that every thing is OK :grinning: :innocent:… I am gone a be more present in June… See ya my friend. …

~Al :v: :innocent:


@Niala great to see your ok my friend
Was thinking about you just the other day
All good on my end
Glad all is good :blush: On yours
Sending love North brother talk soon
John :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:


@Zombo I think it’s more like the garden of Eden :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Lol thanks @Tonyb


You’re going ham on your grows. I love it! You make me wanna throw out of desk n dresser n get a tent n start going bonkers too :stuck_out_tongue:


good to see you @Niala! catch you later Al …


lol i think I’m addicted to the growing at this point @Tonyb


i know i’m addicted to the grow john!
i’m already plotting out my next one! lol


Hey, lot of worse things to be addicted too :wink:


Lmfao @BIGE I ordered my next grow seeds this grow was only about 4-6 weeks old hahahaha
Good to know I’m not alone with it then lol
And that’s for sure @Tonyb
I loose time when I’m in my garden? And my wife says I’m happier when I spend time with my plants ?


@Countryboyjvd1971 hey my wife says the same thing I’m happier when I m wit my plants. First she says when I get home have you had your meds and I say no bout to eat my beans now. She’ll leave me alone until I have had enough of my meds and then it’s safe to say I’ll talk to her after a long day’s work. One thing I can say is playing professional sports the contact takes a toll on your body and this is the one med that helps with the pain and I’m thankful for. I know this helps me wit my slight ADHD also.


Don’t get pee tested!


They have stuff that pass pee test with flying colors it’s called X-treme stream. It’s in a black box with a big X on it and cost 25. It’s deer piss and it got me two job offers within two days. Both companies are really big here in florida and the one I picked is a Fortune 500 and it’s all over the world. So I’m not worried and if they tested they give us two days notice before we have to pee in cup. Thanks for looking out for me though


Nice I used flushes my self with goid results there tuff in FLA with the testing as well I lived there for a hot minute a few years back and every one test down thier I hear you on the pain @Onlythebest79 I’m a trade guy and the trades beat the hell out of you ask anyone who work in a trade
I’m guess the sports thing would do it as well lol


What I’m talking about you don’t have to flush. It comes in bottle warm in microwave for 7 seconds place under nutts( for men) and under breast (for women) and it stays body temp till you have to go dispense. It’s under whatever part and it’s the temp it has to be to be considered a valid sample body temp or range from 88 to 100 degrees. Never ingest anything just put in my spot went to testing center and get used to it being there because you have to walk with it in the place in the spot. I recommend it to anyone who needs to pass a peepee test. I stand behind it as the job I have now pays insurance 84 month full cover, company truck, gas card, cell phone to use for job and personal, 3weeks vacation from day one and a cool ass boss who knows I partake in 420 but warns me before I have to go pee.

Also I’m retired from the Not For Long LEAGUE AND BROTHER SOMETIMES THE PAIN ITS UNBEARABLE. As the wifey rubs me down when I can’t bear it. IKNOW TRADE WORK ALL TO WELL AS IM A LISCENSED A/C tech believe you me I know what you going through.


Hahahaha I’m a commercial Hvac mechanic out of NYC brother union guy for 23 years doing Construction and service so :+1::v:
I now understand what your talking about
I now work for a billionaire taking care of his corporate offices my company lends $ to companies like Honeywell lol in the tune of 750 million lol
My boss owns major companies you’ve definitely heard of but I’ll leave it at that for now
Nice to meet another Ac guy I work for a company called TWC when in fla but again I was only down ther for 3 months
There. Are a few of us here lol
Doesn’t surprise me lol :joy:


picture above of the ssh scrog tent

This one is of the shh in Gorilla glue tent

And this one is of one of my Gorilla Glue buds
I’ll be trying to update outdoor thread a bit later guys hope you enjoy the pics lol
@BIGE @bob31 @kabongster @Hogmaster @ktreez420 @Zombo @Onlythebest79
I know I’m missing a bunch of you lol
Happy growing all


Looking great!


Omg @Countryboyjvd1971 they look absolutely perfect, hope one day I can grow like that


lol you will brother for sure
Thanks for the kind works
And @WillyJ