CB Super silver Haze grow


Yeah nice :+1:
Try to open canopy and get light on two small tops :grin: I lst the tops to get more light in there ? @OldStealth

Here’s a few pics from ssh scrog tent
@kabongster @bob31 @DieHigh55 @BIGE


Here’s one of the indoor Gorilla :gorilla: glue girls she only has one main cola I broke second off by accident about two weeks after topping her

@Hogmaster @ktreez420 @OldStealth @Willd @WillyJ
She’s about 5 1/2 foot tall

This is the ssh in same tent as gg
I don’t know why the pics rotated like that it been happening in a few that I post ?


OMG @Countryboyjvd1971… They look like fireflies, very beautiful bro… Good job!


Looks like a great problem to have. :sunglasses:


your grow is looking great CB! you are going to have a bale of buds !


I’m hoping @BIGE I just finished up what I grew last grow sad times lol so I’m looking forward to a nice harvest that will last till I harvest again lol
Thanks for the kind words @M4ur


Nice bro very nice


Thanks bro should be a nice harvest for sure


Without a doubt


Wow! The first pictures look like fire works exploding. I can’t even imagine a plant as tall as I am! Great job @Countryboyjvd1971.


Thanks @AnneBonny yeah they can get tall
Still have weeks to go but getting closer every day


Brother, I see some stiff BOM competition coming along here.


Looking good…it is a sad day running out of mmj :cry:, it does look like you have a solution, plants everywhere, indoors and outdoors, it’s a good time for your greenhouse grow.
No one will blame you if you sample, save some for the cure :wink:


Lol @kabongster it is that :cry::disappointed_relieved:
I have plenty of access to MJ just not free MJ hahahaha
My pipe will never be empty tho my friend and I’m planning on never allowing this to happen again as you see
I think you’ll be out doing me @Willd
How long is your screen on your grow it looked police 50feet of screen lol


Yes, @Willd and his scrog screens will out grow quite a few of us…he’ll be hiring high school kids to help with the harvest…like when I was a kid here in Connecticut and there were fields full of tobacco and temporary workers picking it.


Those are 5x60. Hoping to fill out a 5 X 5 over each one. With any luck. I have a couple of co workers from TX and NJ coming to help @kabongster! I don’t know what the going barter rate for labor is but I expect to see some friends and family come late Sept-Oct including some of you fine folks. I can’t plan anything yet as we don’t know how much a harvest window we’ll have. Without SCROG, the trichs ripen at different times over a 3-4 week period. I think with all that light exposure and virtually no popcorn SCROG offers, they may ripen more uniformly and all at once.


i’m going to hit you up with some fox farm nute info for my clones…they are in FFOF and i’ve been growing in promix


@Countryboyjvd1971… Holy crap Country, you got a freakin botanical gardens going on! Woohoo!


Looking incredible!! Exactly the reason I ask you so much lol great job @Countryboyjvd1971


I got you brother what you need to know ? @BIGE
I’m going to jumpingbof here for a few minutes since i have to actually do stuff at work lol just need to complete morning rounds lol so I be back in a little bit brother
Thanks @Zombo looking towards a nice harvest in the next month or two for sure
lol @WillyJ we are all here to help each other as far as I’m concerned sir and I will help when asked lol
Thanks for the kind words guys