CB Super silver Haze grow


Here we go my first Super Silver Haze Grow
Germinated 4 ssh beans and potted them today in generic potting soil have FFOF soil in the wings when time to transplant
Put 1/2 teaspoon of Mykos per seed in the soil as per mfg and place under dome and lights :v:️️:+1::sunglasses:

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@Oldstoner @DieHigh55 @kabongster
And anyone else if I forgot you I’m sorry :neutral_face:
Happy growing to all
Now to finish this grow room

Just got 20 ww auto seeds

@Hawkeye_diesel @AmnesiaHaze sorry bro only let me tag 10 at a time
I thought you might like to check this out @M4ur
@Zombo here’s my thread he first pic is the one I killed the seeds in the two out side pots I made had tray built under that held water and when I realized and took them off they wicked up the water in tray so after this put Oman under and all was good the two in the middle popped and are fine under scrog screen


It’s all good brother haha. Got it now. Can’t wait to see those ladies


SSH is great stuff. I smoke once, or sometimes twice, a day as medicine. Is a nice high that relaxes me.
Was an easy grow. Mainlines well. Want to try it again (have plenty of seeds left) in a bigger space. I had to fight to keep it inside a small grow box. Well worth the effort to grow.


Good sh!+ brother. I can’t wait to smoke my own herb


Dude I did burn it @Hawkeye_diesel …oops, @Countryboyjvd1971 sweet look forward to watching this grow your last one was awesome


Toker you burned what? Haha


I still haven’t taken the others down just yet lol
But will this week splitting stem tomorrow I think lol :+1::grin:


What the paper with the number?


Keep me posted on stem splitting, haven’t got to try it yet but was also curious if it worked or not some thing else I look forward to seeing @Countryboyjvd1971, and @Hawkeye_diesel the number bro


Yes exactly lmao I need to get the numbers back I had i lost all of them


Lmao. Bro I’m dying right now. That’s awesome
:sunglasses: :+1:


Sorry @Countryboyjvd1971 ill get back on topic I needed to share that with hawkeye_diesel lol, and that killed me on the inside bro that was not supposed to happen lol I started laughing when I realized they weren’t where they should be and realized the notebook by the fireplace I immediately knew where they went


Yes sorry for that @Countryboyjvd1971


Thanks for tagging me to it so I can watch that strain.

I see you’re using the mycos like some others are doing. The results look great, so I understand why you would invest in it for your grow.

I need to find out if my worm casts already have that or if I also need to invest in it along with some azos…


No worries guys @Hawkeye_diesel and @Majiktoker


Yeah thanks for tagging, John :grinning::wink::+1:,I have boomarked this topic :grinning:

And @FloridaSon, worm castings doesn’t contain mycorhizes, so, it will be on your purchase list, lol, :wink::+1::ok_hand::v::grinning:


I read a few things and watch a few videos and liked the results so I figured I’d try it as well
Hoping it does what’s promised and the girls grow super healthy roots also it’s supposed to help with nute intake ? Will see what happens
it wasn’t that expensive and I used a half teaspoon per seed so I didn’t use much as per directions


Any time Al wouldn’t be the same with out you around lol


Lol :grinning: thanks John for the kind word :innocent: :v: