CB Gold leaf scrog


@SmoknGranny for sure just ask me here ill help you out or tag me onto your thread thanks @bob31


Here are the pictures
She missed a bunch of feedings while dealing with my mother the last few months but her she is


I think she’ll do just fine CB looking great.
Also with the hectic mess that is my life I totally missed your loss . Truly sorry for your loss man, hope you are dealing well.
Til next time my friend


Thanks @Nug-bug
Yeah she’ll finish off ok :+1: buds are stinky and sticky
But i know i could have done better lol
Theres always next grow brother i have two more gold leaf in mynotjer tent just about ready to harvest just trying to get a little more amber it those tricombes lol ill post a few pick of them befoer i chop them down :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 We’ve never chatted as I am new here but I wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss :frowning: Thoughts are with you :slight_smile:


Thanks fivthe kind words @Ozzymomma1
I’ve seen you around on a few post welcome to the forum
If you need anything just tag me ill get back to tou asap


My condoléances @Countryboyjvd1971 , my friend, hoping your ok brother…

And congratulation on the promotion of ILGM volunteer, you deserve it :grinning::+1:


Hey Niala, good to see ya around, miss your insight and knowledge.


Thanks bryan , I miss a lot in my absence, lol :wink: :innocent: and I miss all of you, you were constantly in my thought and prayers…


@Niala thanks fir the kind words it was a ruff time and moms on in my thoughts most days
I glad to see your ok amd still on forum
Keep in touch my friend



I will, John…

It’s been a bumpy 3 months with 1 month of hospitalization, brother, but every thing is falling in place for now… :wink:

I pushed to hard on the THC oil and went to a toxic side effects with my cluster headaches and antidepressant medication and cbd oil.

Had to purge my system of every thing and have 2 weeks left to be completly dry ( no prescription drug , no MJ and no alcool ) before recap with my medications , doctor’s order’s, :wink:, lol…

Anyway, glad to be back and see every one are ok, :grinning:

See ya around here, however, I will past most of my time on the Bergman’s lab one as a volunteer grow mentor… :wink: :innocent: :sunglasses:

~Al :v: :innocent:


@Niala wow brother glad things are working out
Im around if you need anything my friend
:v:️And love CB