CB Gold leaf scrog


So I’ve been busy and have some personal stuff going on I have to get a update picture of gold leaf under the scrog I did switch to 12/12 last week in that tent
Here one of her sisters
For all to see

I’ll try to get scrog picture soon folks sorry for the delay on updating my thread


That gold leaf is a beauty! Mine are still in a solo cups soon to be transplanted…nice job as always @Countryboyjvd1971


I have a little color issue there but I was away for a few days so I’ll get it corrected
I flowered these 5 weeks from sprout :+1:
They are a super hardy strain bro your going to love them
Smell is sweet and spicy I can’t wait to try them hahaha
First time growing them for me but won’t be the last
I am even considering theses as outdoor contenders for next season?
Buds are filling the branches up from main stem to end of cola
Super happy with them
I do need to get I there a prune them a little bit but busy busy lol


I was trying to think of the right words to describe how they smell. I think you nailed it @Countryboyjvd1971


I try @bob31 I’m not exactly a poet tho when it comes to words lol :laughing: but I do think it describes it pretty well
How are yours coming along
I need to get pictures of the scrog Gold leaf she doesn’t seem to like the scrog set up lol but I just flipped her last week into flower as well


I updated my journal last night. I will tag you over. GL is getting frosty. She’s at like day 65 of flower


Hopefully all is well with you and your family! Had my share of personal issues this year, definitely ready for 2018.


The color issue is very small should be no problem at all…I had a few sd that buded that way also very cool! The 2 little ones I have going are growing nicely :grin::+1:


@dbrn32 thanks man all good
I’m ready for 2018 as well but I will be dealing with my family issues then as well that’s life brother :+1:
@WillyJ yeah I’m not stressing it at all brother that picture is about a week old now or so
Happy growing fellas


@Countryboyjvd1971 - got any pics of that GL under the scrog? I just put the screen over mine this week.


@Bogleg sorry brother
My mother passed away and ive been dealing with her for the last few months
Ill get a picture fir you tonight if possible she has suffered a bit from lack of attention mostly but still doing her thing
Can you tag me into yoir thread bro id like to check it out i was a way from forum for a while so i just saw your post hope all is well
I have thousands of posts to read and get to so if you can tag me bro thanks :v:️ CB


Will do. I have been updating more completely in the Lab but am still maintaining my journal here. I’ll tag you:


Also, I’m very sorry for your loss @Countryboyjvd1971.


Thanks firbthe kind words @Bogleg
I Just wanted you to know why i had such a delay on your original post bro :v:


Sorry for your loss, we’ll keep you all in our thoughts and prayers


Thanks fir the kinds words brother @dbrn32
Moms in a better place now she wont suffer any more and I’m at piece with the situation


Unfortunately, that’s the only way you can look at these type of situations. Doesn’t make it any easier. I’m sure I speak for everyone, but reach out if you need if anything.


Will do and yeah all of you guys and gals have been great a support system @dbrn32 thanks again my friend


@Countryboyjvd1971 I’m sorry for your loss man. Hang in there. Prayers


@MattyBear thanks brother
Im good ive come to terms life goes on many memories to cherish :cowboy_hat_face::+1:


@SmoknGranny Has some questions about the pro-mix soils @Countryboyjvd1971 can you help her out some? CB Uses pro-mix, but I want to say it is Pro-mix BX and I’m not sure if he uses it for starting seeds or not, though he might talk about it on this journal, not sure!