CB Gold leaf scrog


You better keep an eye on the gl my friend! Haha glad you’ve already got the screen there! Good move!


I have three more in my other tent @bob31 hahaha I can tell they going to get big hahaha
They are a week behind this one and not much smaller
I think the strain nutes and medium is all working together this time hahaha I have fan leaves bigger than my hand on all of them :+1:
I’m really liking the combo on this run bob
I plan o trying the flower power cause I’ve heard nothing but good things but I would definitely buy the nectar of the gods line I’m loving it as of right now


Agree 100% I’m gonna try the flower power too… At some point. I gotta get through some more of the ff nutes first and then try out the nectar. So much I’d like to do!

Meanwhile I’ve got jars stacking up all over the place! Hahaha


Hahaha that a good problem to have @bob31
I have a Ton of the fox farm as well using that on my outdoor grow now and one Auto I have going
I have a blueberry started as well mane I’ll feed to fox farm so I get rid out it but I’ll be usingvthat fir a while yet I have so much of it lol
I’m just trying to find what works best for me brother
FYI I would do some research on theses nutes on u tube mfg and a few other explain it really well bro it is a bit different that using any non organic line just a heads up brother


ok, will do. I’m probably not going to use them this fall, like I planned. I’m going to harvest this round and then shutdown for the winter, The heated space isn’t going to be ready in time and the wife doesn’t want me to grow in the house so thats gonna be it until I can get back out in the shed in probably early March… The little shed i’m using now would be nearly impossible to heat to an efficiency without me installing a new door… I dunno, we will see, I guess. But not looking good!


@Countryboyjvd1971 Woow :eyes: :heart_eyes: :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… she is already “flirting” with the ScrOG screen at 4 weeks… Awesome :+1::ok_hand::grinning:…She’s gone a be a monster haha :laughing::wink:

I’m very tempted by this line of nutrients… I will do some research to see if they ship to Canada :laughing::wink:

I hope you are going to have some good news from your MRI result analysis… When do you expect to have them, brother ?


They offer a sample pack for the price of shipping @Niala but I’m afraid they may not ship outside the US email them they will let you know
@bob31 just thinking about needing to shut down saddens me bob but yeah it worth wasting 7 on heating a space inefficiently it would defeat the purpose of home growing :+1:
I’ll make you a honorary grade tender in my garden over the winter bro :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 Outta likes… They do ship in Canada, but not the sample pack, sadly :hushed::frowning:… Amazon Canada offer the complete range of their products, however, the price is crazy for the quart… It’s a little better for the gallon but still to much … The quart of Medusas magic fertilizer is 97.91 + 5.54 for shipping, the gallon is 120.99$ + 53.66$ for shipping… :triumph::angry::rage:

The other product are a little more affortable , between 20$ and 45$ for the quart but I will have to pay about the same price of the product (in fact, it’s 1$ dollar more of the product price) in shipping fees… It’s simply ridiculous… Aaahhh ! Amazon Canada :triumph::angry::rage:


yeah, me too and thanks for that title! hahaha. I will try those sad puppy dog eyes on her and see if maybe I can just grow one Auto just to keep my skills sharp! LMAO

@Niala I’ve heard that about the shipping for you and that sucks. maybe another option more friendly to our neighbors to the north exists?


Yeah, smoggling the product at the frontier @bob31, lol :wink: :innocent: :v:



On a more serious tone, I will try to see if I cannot find the product in a hydro shop… They are usually pricey too, but maybe I can pass by them to pass a command, I don’t know, it’s might worth trying :wink::grinning:


Do you have the “starter pack” available via amazon? It’s looking like $60 U.S, not sure for you. Not quite as good as “sample” but looks to be more affordable than buying individually.


No @dbrn32 Amazon Canada do not offer the sample pack, anyway, if they do one day, I bet that they will charge the same price as the product in shipping fees :wink:


any chance you could send it to an american friend, who then relays it to canada for you…


Nope, I do not have “physical person” friends in U.S. The only person I know from U.S. is in this forum… Maybe one day I will come visit some of you and profit to buy those products in the same time :wink::grinning: Or find another way… who knows ! ? :wink::innocent:


she’s looking great john!!


Thanks @BIGE
@bob31 the only thing I could think of is one of us purchasing and shipping to him up north but them we would need to break forum policies hahah so not really a option
That stinks @Niala thought bob had seen on Amazon same sample kit for 99$
Guess they don’t offer it in Canada :canada:
The only other option I see is this we meet at niagra falls and I send it over the falls in a barrel from the ny side and you fish it out of the river under the falls on Canadian side hahahhha :open_mouth::astonished::ghost::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::clown_face:


hans solo turned me into a smuggler at a early age…lol @Niala if there is a will there is a way pal…!
him and jimmy buffet…‘a pirate looks a fourty’’ lol somebody que up the jukebox this morning…lol @Countryboyjvd1971


Lmfao perfect theme song for the discussion @BIGE
I would have been a pirate back in my he day for sure buddy


[quote=“Countryboyjvd1971, post:117, topic:14798”]h
The only other option I see is this we meet at niagra falls and I send it over the falls in a barrel from the ny side and you fish it out of the river under the falls on Canadian side hahahhha :open_mouth::astonished::ghost::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::clown_face:

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @BIGE HaHaHa!!! I will be fishing in suit and tie, just in case a wedding is happening at the same time, lol, :wink::fishing_pole_and_fish::mans_shoe::tophat: emoji-2740868__340

Fitch Bay, Plattsburg and Burlington on the Champlain lake in N.Y. and Vt. or Tomifobia river in Vt. are all good water ways too :wink: and fairly close, espacelly Tomifobia river :wink:

Humm !? … My head hamsters are running fast now ! Lol :wink: