CB Gold leaf scrog


Yes it is @70sChick


I have a scrog as well, I want to say 24 - 26 inches from the floor @dibbz2


Thanks! :sunglasses::seedling::v:


Thank you @dbrn32. Waiting to hear back now…:sunglasses: :v::seedling:


yes, mine was 28" and was a tad too high. I would likely go 26" from floor next time @dibbz2


That is the stuff but like @dbrn32 said you can get them free for the cost of shipping. I paid 29 for shipping and got 6 quart bottles of nutrients and two smaller pint sized bottles of other items (foliar spray and ph down I think) plus the pamphlet for how to mix and administer to your grow.


Thanks @dbrn32 & @Screwauger. I filled out this survey, Now just waiting to hear back… Awesome deal! THANKS :v::seedling::sunglasses:


No problem! Got same stuff as @Screwauger and a small bottle of photosynthesis plus, $28 to Midwest.

I’m assuming we’ll start seeing a lot more of it in use next few months.


Buddy that looks sweet.


That screen is set high at. About 36 inches but as @Niala and @bob31 stated 25 inches is recommended
This plant was a clone and a back up so it was a bit bigger than normal when I started it @dibbz2
@Screwauger I wasn’t planning on doing a review?
Maybe I’ll leave some feed back I’m loving it at the moment
@70sChick that’s exactly what I’m using and as @dbrn32 stated you can get a sample for shipping 29$ for me as well to ny
@battlecrab here it is


I think any feedback you have will be well respected and much appreciated. My understanding is that they are calcium based so could potentially behave a bit differently than what most of us are us to.

A detailed review would be great, but even if you could just keep us posted on anything you note would be awesome too.


I’ll do my best to do that @dbrn32
Right now I’m just following the feeding schedule they provided but I’m going to bump up to two times a week yes they are calcium based and need to be phd at 6.1-6.3 but sit far results are good
I’ll definitely use this again over foxfarms if my progress continues on as it has been
I’ll update with photos later when I get home or tomorrow
The thing to remember with theses nutes is your feeding the micro organisms in the soil and they in turn feed the plant buy breaking down the available nutes
Unlike chemical nutrients that are available as soon as you put them in soil @dbrn32


Awesome thanks!

I have experience with the earth juice line, so I don’t see the differences being a particular problem. But for others coming from synthetic nutes that’s definitely good to point out.


I just got my shipping invoice for the Nectar For the Gods Sample pack. You can’t beat the price. 28.00 That’s awesome stuff right there… thx for the info… @Countryboyjvd1971 Now just waiting on a ship date. :laughing::sunglasses::seedling:


Once you pay that you need to email them back I believe @70sChick


Yea, That’s right @bob31. Paid and replied back to email with transaction ID number. Thanks for looking out for me…:v::sunglasses:


Excellent you’ll have them in no time!!


That’s awesome @70sChick FYI it’s not like chemical fertilizer so you’ll need to follow the schedule which is loose at best it breaks down by seedlings veg early veg etc not weeks like other nutes lines so it takes so getting used to
I’m bumping my feedings up to water feed water feed and foliar spray daily since its organic nutes
Good looking out @bob31 :+1:

Here is my gold leaf scrog plant at 4 weeks from seed using nectar of the gods
Been feed full nutes as directed once a week but will be bumping up to twice a week
I Foliar spray every morning before light on 3-4 hours before
Screen is about 30 inches off floor FYI


Thanks for the great tips @Countryboyjvd1971.
Plant looks awesome! :seedling::sunglasses:


Looking great as always my friend :+1::+1: