CB first Auto grow Super Hash


exactly, I have a gold leaf in the tent so I need the 14/10 though shes so young I could do the 12/12 but my luck she’d start flowering next week, lol

@Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971

@BIGE gonna do that grow journal tonight? Don’t forget to tag me as well, brother!


@BIGE that goes for me too don’t forget to tag me as well have you done a full grow yet on this light schedule @bob31 ?


@BIGE Tag me in as well please!


No @Hogmaster not yet. My last one, the AK47- Auto I ran on 18/6 and then halfway thru flower I switched to 12/12 but honestly it didn’t seem to make any difference to the AK. She only got about 12 inches tall and didn’t do much at all. I have two more beans for the next grow so I’m looking forward to better results.

I started my current grow 2 BBA and 1 GL right from the moment they popped out of the soil they’ve been on 14/10.

Somehow I missed tagging you to my grow, I will add you in now.


It was @Zombo @bob31 i believe and i with that for sure so I’ll change it over I’m going to do a test grow next run and document the growth between the 18/6 and 14/10 schedules I’ll prove it to all of us then we will all shut our light down lol and the power. Company will be like what happened lol
@BIGE your going to be tagging peeps all night hhahhahaa


NYPL Must love it when you fire up your tent @Countryboyjvd1971 hahahaha



Lmao yeah I’m tired of having them as silent partners @bob31


exactly how I feel, it’s like they get a half of everything I harvest! lol. I really want to get a couple of girls out in the soil and use the free light out there!


Yeah if I was in a legal state I’d have a field and it would look like a corn field of mj plants hahahhaha


Weekly update
Ash is 8 days old now

These auto grow fast :dash: lol


i like that about them…lol i’ll have more cushion after this next grow and i may try screening two GG’s in the 4by4 i know photos yeild more but boy those autos are fast!!!yeeha yeeha!


HahaHahha yeah they are cool :sunglasses: @BIGE
Nice go for it brother
I may be ordering some more beans Autos lol
rhe are good for in between photo harvests :+1:
@Stoner_Cody420 my fist auto grow :+1:


I been doing 18/6 all this time is that not good @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Hogmaster?


I’ve been doing the 18/6 as well @Stoner_Cody420
But recently there’s been a discussion on light cycle times @Majiktoker @Hogmaster I believe @Niala
Also @Zombo and a few other use 14/10 light cycles and say that closer to nature then the 18/6
I plan on switching my timer on the auto to 14-10 on/off
The concecus is it’s a better schedule
I’ll let the other give more detail since I haven’t used it yet myself brother


Ive used the 14/10 cycle for a while now haven’t changed back


I’m sure it will be my new light schedule as well @Majiktoker
But not actually having used it didn’t want to speak for results @Stoner_Cody420 was asking about it brother


Ah gotchya super beneficial in my opinion


I came in late to the conversation so forgive me if this was already answered.
The 14/10 light cycle you are using do you use it right through the entire Veg cycle for autos and photos?
I’m curious I’ve only used 18/6 for Veg and would give the 14/10 a shot for a grow if you guys are getting great results.
@Hogmaster @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


I wouldn’t do it any other way 14 on 10 off then 12-12 when I flower even on my autos


@Jmesser80 I have not tried it yet I’m finishing up a grow now and will use it on my next grow for sure all the guys using it say the plant react better to the schedule so woohoo and less power consumption what
If it’s good for my boys @Hogmaster and @Majiktoker it’s good enough for me those guy won’t let you down