CB first Auto grow Super Hash


I’ll be on the couch providing comic relief and moral support


Much appreciated @Uhawl


Here’s a update on my super hash auto

Getting bigger lol


Nice job @Countryboyjvd1971 mine are going under the LED tomorrow!


Nice @Countryboyjvd1971! I also started my first auto! Good luck! Let me know how its going. :smile:


That’s awesome @Zacchara tag my into your journal bro
This is mine as of this morning
@Hogmaster heres the super hash :blush:


She is so cute


She actually seems to like having both lights on I went home yesterday and turn on the second one again because she looked sad with out it ? @Hogmaster


Yeah I had to add a third light mine as well


I’ll throw a 1000 watt in there but the tents only 4 foot tall I’d burn her for sure lol
I can add a third 300 in a few weeks tho


That’s what I ended up doing


I’m getting dizzy going back-and-forth LOL


Well when I chop down theses others I can relocate one more if I need it but like I said my tent is 2x2x4 so do know how much more it will take the tent not plant hahahaha I might over heat the tent no


I can’t wait to see that super hash what light cycle do you have it on


18/6 right now I don’t believe the 24 is beneficial imo every thing needs rest
What do you suggest I run it at


Here lately I’ve been running everything at 14-10 and everything loves it then I just have to drop two hours when I’m ready to bloom


@Countryboyjvd1971 I’ve noticed that my last two grows on this light schedule have been to have my best I think it’s just a waste of electricity especially if you got good lights like we do at least decent lights


10/4 I’ll switch up the timer this weekend it’s a bit of a pain in the ass it’s a nice time with theee outlets 30 amp as well but a pain to switch programs lol
Majiktoker suggests the 14/10 as well so :+1:
Anyway I can save so electric is great
Lost signal was in tunnel nap time bro talk soon lol


I’m doing the 14/10 myself @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 toker was telling someone a few weeks ago to run 14/10 and I’m trying to keep from paying so much of my hard earned money to the power company, so I figured why not.


You’ll love your results highly recommended for me I won’t change it especially for autos I think they do better with less light cycle then more don’t give me wrong they will go on a 24 hour light cycle but I believe they do way better on a 14/10 or 12/12 my last auto started at 14/10 because of my photos I had going but then when I switched to 1212 ended up with 2.88 ounces dry on a white widow auto