CB first Auto grow Super Hash


my first ride by myself on a motercycle was when i was 7-8ish… honda trail 70,the bike was big for me and ate my lunch a time or two…
great learning experience,i was hooked before,but became a addict that day!!! i enjoy riding,that is for sure!


Yeah I used to love it but I stopped riding when I joined the Army @ 17 and haven’t been on a bike since :thinking: Not sure why either
My wife isn’t to keen on them but maybe it’s time to get back on lol
my first dirt bike was at 11 ish I think @BIGE


I had dirt bikes too John. I miss those days! Ride get dirt smoke some weed have some laughs have a couple beers…

I rode a few different street bikes but honestly it’s no where near as much fun as trail riding!

@Countryboyjvd1971 how about an update on the chickens bro?


I’m :eyes: and :ear:on this! :sunglasses:


My first bike was at about age 14 after years of riding 4 wheelers 3wheelers.and all.
Was at River under bridge, didn’t know to mash in clutch to stop and ran slap into the dang bridge pilings :upside_down_face:


Lol ok @bob31 I’ll update a picture of them this weekend for sure hahaha they are getting big
I agree with you I started out young my older bro had a dirt bike and I would steal it when he wasn’t looking and then eventually got my own
As I said as far as street riding I haven’t done that since I was a teenager when I left at 17 for the army I never rode a street bike again :thinking: Not sure why and now my wife doesn’t want me to get one I’ve been wanting to get back on for a while but she is scared of them and I love her so I haven’t pushed the issue much I’ll drop a hint here and there but not sure she’s coming around on that one hahahahahaha
@Nug-bug that’s too funny I’m sure it wasn’t then but now hahahahhaha
I think we’ve all done something similar lol
@garrigan62 this is my auto grow just potted two days ago so still waiting for her to show her cute little face bro :v:


She will my friend


Why is a 5 gal. pot a waste of dirt?? I’m asking because I just started my first auto in a 5 gal. pot. I like to get advice from you guys since you know what you’re doing and I don’t. :smile:


From what was explained to me @Zacchara they grow so fast that they don’t really fill the pot up so you’ll have minimal root growth in the bottom of the pot ?
Made sense to me and again it my first Auto so I took the advice from other who have grown them


Makes sense to me also! My next auto I will do in a 3 gal. and see the difference. I will post pics of this one once it grows a little bit more. It’s just popped through the soil 2 days ago. Thank you @Countryboyjvd1971


Nice @Zacchara tag me into the thread brother :+1:


I will certainly do that. I’m a sister, not a brother LOL


Always nice to see a sister on here :wink:


I apologize @Zacchara please forgive me my sister lol
And tag me into your thread when you get a chance thanks :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB


Here she is my first Auto plant :seedling:
I’ve decided to call her ash because I will care for her then kill her dry and cure then smoke her till she’s ash hahaha
she’s about 12 hours old


Cute lil bugger @Countryboyjvd1971


Isn’t she precious :grin: haha cant wait to ser her grow!


Welcome to the world “Ash” :wink::grinning:


Awe, your a new dad!
Welcome to the world little ash.
Im sure you’ll treat her right :wink:


Thanks guys I’ll update her as she gets bigger but not much change at the moment
@Zombo @WillyJ @Niala @North_East_Newbie
My auto grow @Uhawl
Early here so not much going on lol