CB first Auto grow Super Hash


Kinda like a snake in a can huh @bige


yea @Nug-bug exactly!
@Countryboyjvd1971 when i finally got one to where i could possibly get it into the bag,i couldn’t find bag! lol i believe i’ll hang them on the wall somewhere in the shed,lol
aggrivating rascals…


Hahaha that’s too funny @BIGE
I did the exact same thing I did finally find the bag and get it back in but it a hell of a thing to have to figure out lol like a IQ test or something hahahaha


Are you guys talking about something like this? Or could you tag me when you link yours? @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE


that would work,idk how to share a link yet to show mine,but that is similar. @Carnako


That’s would be fine
mine similar as well they are basically all the same just the size
I have a eight tier mine black only difference :+1: @Carnako


@BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 the bag mine came in has a handle. When I hung the rack, I put the bag on top of the rack and laced the hanging strap through the handle and then hung up the rack, so I would know exactly where it was, still secured on top of the rack…

And yes, it scared the crap of me the first time I opened it, lol…


Now @Ron330 that is a great freaking idea I’m going to do the same thing
They really should put a warning label on those things Hahaha


So final update on wieght all trimmmed up and in jars I got just over 1 ounce from the super hash auto in 57 days from sprout
I tasted a small bud and I’ll say this it going to be delicious when it’s all cured
@BIGE @kabongster @North_East_Newbie @Willd @Zombo @bob31 @Hogmaster @Smokin_ernie
It was fun to grow
I have another Auto in dirt now white widow auto


i have more photos going this round than autos…i do love the bang-bang you get from autos…lol
this round i’m trying to get some weight going,i’m just getting by with the autos,which is ok…i just would like more cushion to ride until the next round…lol i’m not asking for garbage bags full or nothing…
may sling a GG in the mix,and try out this seed gender test i’ve been reading about…lol


That’s my thoughts on them as well @BIGE fun to grow but photos are imo better
Even tho it takes longer you definitely get a lot more wieght at harvest time
I’ll keep one or two going when I have them but I’ll always have photos in the tall tents hahahaha


hmmmm, maybe I should do a run of autos…I always procrastinate changing to a 12/12 schedule with my photos, though more time vegging leads to bigger buds, not a real down side…but with an auto, it would just transition on it’s own.


I think having a Auto or two going with photos is a good idea youbget a harvest in between photo harvests :+1: That’s my plan anyway @kabongster
Oh and stop stealing your grandsons projects for your self hahahhaha


Congrats brother!
Another flavor in the books


Hahahha exactly
@North_East_Newbie it’s nice having choices :+1:


Not to hijack a thread. But now it makes sense why i get along with this little group so well. Ya’ll are right up my alley. I ride, and love animals we got chickens. Snakes,turtle,cats, (just put my dog to sleep) but dogs. And good taste in music! @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @WillyJ @BIGE @Laurap @70sChick @Buck3 @Hogmaster


Hahaha @Familyman420 nice yeah we all seem to be from the same cut that fir sure hahaha
I was extremely happy to find my people when i found IGLM a year ago before that i was in a strange place lol
Not being able to openly discuss what i do this place is a great out let and i made some great friends :+1:
Aorry about the Dog bro that stinks
I have a older boxer that is showing his age only a matter of time
But i have a pup too well a 2 year old boxer who still acts like a puppy lol another year or so before that is out of his system lol


And ya know what there is always common ground if you look for it. @Familyman420

The love of living pain free and still living life is what brought most of us here and keeps us coming back! The other stuff is just a bonus! @Countryboyjvd1971


Yeah my boxer was my daughters best from feom day one. They slept togetjer for 5yrs. She was 8 when she got cancer suddenly and it was the hardest decision of my life but i couldnt afford surgery so i had to have her put down. …
We have a small zoo though. Just got a baby lutisic ball python with bright blue eyes. We have a couple snakes, turtles leopard geckos, chickens a rabbit and rats(one rat and one snake is my daughters)
I agree living in a non-legal state is hard and ILGM helps us all come together.
In the process of getting my med. Recommendation as we speak. Hoping in a few months PA will be ready to roll with that


@Familyman420 yeah we have medical mj but only edibles here in NY im excited that NJ gov elect says he wants a bill on his desk asap for mj full legalization it ownt be long before NY Pa And CT go Full legal if that happens imo
Sorry about the boxer bro that stinks
They are great family pets
Both of mine are rescues and both chose me not the other way around lol
They dont let me get out of view ever lol
Best wishes buddy tag me if you need anything