CB first Auto grow Super Hash


There seems to be a debate about that
I was taught to go from germination to forever pot no bigger than 3 gal
So that’s what I did as suggested by @Hogmaster
Who’s won the BOM contests a few times before his promotion
I’ve only grown this one Auto tho @North_East_Newbie so I’m open to opinions


I have tried both methods with my autos and both work fine. I’ve gone right from germ to forever pot and I’ve done rapid rooter plugs in a solo cup surrounded by FFOF and then transplanted once they get a few sets of true leaves. I really like the plugs and have had no problems. :+1: Keep me tagged in @North_East_Newbie


I cannot find seed starter soil in any store: (Aubuchon Hardware, Job Lot, Lowe’s, Benny’s)
Do you think it’s alright to start the seeds in FF Happy Frog?


I’ve never used happy frog @bob31 has o think @North_East_Newbie
I’ve started all my last grow in ffof


Like CB said, I’m pretty sure @bob31 uses Happy Frog @North_East_Newbie… I purchased my miracle grow seedling starter mix at Lowes


@North_East_Newbie @Zombo has a good point
Mg seed started soil is ok to use if you wanted to you’ll have no issse with it
I’ve actually used it a bunch of times I just don’t use seed starter soil any more
It’s the time release food in the reg mg that’s not beneficial to us mj grower that’s why most of us stay away from it
You could grow it mg for your whole grow if you wanted to tho :+1:
I’m also going to give promix Bx a try next grow


@North_East_Newbie my opinion is that if you can transplant without them stressing too much that probably has a slight benefit. But if you’re not certain on your skills or set up for some reason just go to the forever homes? Just my logical conclusion, also I’m sure the space you save for keeping them in smaller containers for a little while matters to some people. Sounds like either way works just fine.


I decided to plant the seeds in smaller pots, using FF Happy Frog (since that what I have on hand).
I’ll pay close attention to the roots structure so I can transplant them into their forever pots before being root bound.
Thanks for all your suggestions guys. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

@Countryboyjvd1971 I just realized this conversation is in your grow journal.
Sorry, I thought I was commenting in my own.
Didn’t mean to hijack your thread :grimacing:


@North_East_Newbie no worries brother
You are always welcome to hijack my thread


Thanks CB.
Here’s a picture of a GIANT bud:

Someday we’ll be growing this this…:star_struck:


Wow that huge bro lmao I would bow to you in respect if you pulled that off my friend hahaha @North_East_Newbie



How did you set you pots up in your SCROG to collect runoff?


I put a plastic pan under my pots to collect it
I use 4 inch foam blocks to keep pots off tent floor cause my set up is in the basement on concrete



Awesome thanks! My girls are getting close to the screen and just want to make sure that I’m ready to go.

I have plastic dishes underneath to collect the runoff- I might need to get a turkey baster or something to collect it though.


@Countryboyjvd1971 does your runoff just evaporate in the pan? Or do you take care of it some other way?


That will work I use a shop vac or pull they pans out carefully my pans fit between the foam block so I don’t get 100 % of the run off but 85-90 it good enough lol @Ray4x
@Carnako I use a shop vac to get all the excess up off tent floor and it pans :+1:


@Ray4x I have pans under pots and use a turkey baster to suck up runoff.


So she is done and hung will get final wieght after she’s dried and trimmed up
Big thank you to my man @Hogmaster
Couldn’t have done it with out your generosity my friend :+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face:
@bob31 @BIGE @ktreez420 @kabongster and all the rest of you guys


awesome @Countryboyjvd1971! you’re a mmj growing machine!


Yeah a legend in my own mind @BIGE
Thanks for the kind words tho my friend hoe ate things with you brother still working!
Shyt I forgot to post s pic lol